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I am doing a personal swap with mieljolie on craftster and I am so excited!!! I’m making her a pair of “slither” armwarmers and she is sending me a pattern for one of her fabulous pop tab garments and some other goodies (maybe even a paper mache witches boot). I have been knitting away on the armwarmers and am over half way done. I think I will finish these up in the next couple of days.

The Bargain Hunter Swap is also back. Partners have been assigned and the planning is in progress…I think I will be making some jewelry and a top secret sewing project. I have to do some shopping and I have to check my bargain hunter stash.
I also finished my felted Kelly bag. As you can see the flap dried a little wonky, so I think I will have to wet it again and reshape it. Again I will say I really like the style of this bag and I wonder how a fabric version would work, I can’t figure out how I would do the handle.

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I admit it, I joined ravelry (everyone else it doing it) and now I can super organize my knitting projects and find new friends and patterns. BTW my user name is crafterella, if anyone wants to add me to their friends :).

To start off my new, super organized knitting I whipped up The Kelly Bag a super cute felted bag. I love the way the handle goes through the flap!

Here it is pre-felted (it’s in the washer right now).I decided to add a swiss darned initial (can you tell it’s a K?). I’m anxious to see how that felts up. If it looks silly Plan B is to put an applique or something over it. I also mitered the bottom corners of the bag to give it a little dimension. I am planning on lining the bag to give it a bit more structure, I have made felted bags before and they are just to floppy for me, and I need a little pocket on the inside.

This is a nice straight forward pattern and definitely easy to knit, it was really fast too! Once it’s done drying and lined I post a finished picture.

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