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I finished all of the projects for Lisa and delivered them to her at the Lnkhandmade team craft night earlier tonight.  I repaired the zipper in this dress and added a tulle ruffle to the bottom.  I also made this wrap to go with it.

project lisa finished I really like how the outfit for her daughter turned out.  The summerlin dress in a shinier yarn with a crepe backed satin skirt and a matching shrug with a matching satin tie.

project lisa finished 2I am worried that it might be to long, but I also think it will look a lot different on an actual child instead of a hanger.  It can be shortened, so I’m not worried.

I need to wrap up my entry for Christy’s craft challenge and find a place to keep all the awesome fabric I got at the meeting tonight.

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I have been working on a summerlin dress and matching shrug for Lisa’s daughter. The yarn I’m using in Caron Simply Soft in Dark Country Blue, I love the softness and sheen of this yarn.I have finished knitting the summerlin top and have started the shrug. I am using the GG Shrug pattern with a few modifications. I added a row of eyelets around the bottom for a crocheted tie to make the fit more adjustable and so I could leave the I-cord off and now I am ready to work on the sleeves, I just need to know what length to make them, I’m thinking short or elbow length, but I will have to ask Lisa to see what she wants. The shrug is a nice fast knit and I like that there will be no seaming, I’ll have to make another one for Little Miss to go with her summerlin dresses. Once I finish the sleeves I’ll throw everything in the wash and attach the skirt and then it will be time for the tulle (more on that later).
Don’t forget, I’m taking entries for my giveaway until tomorrow, don’t miss the chance to win!!!

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Last week we(the whole family) prepared to go on a shopping outing, it was the normal chaos. Everyone had been dressed, coats had been put on and we had made it out the door to the car and into the car seats when disaster struck…I sat down into the drivers seat and completely tore the butt out of one of my favorite pair of capri pants. It was a big production, but I changed my pants and we went about our day.

Later that evening as I contemplated throwing out the pants, they were worn to thin to patch and we have so little space, my husband said, “why don’t you keep them, you’ll use them for something”, I had a brainstorm! I could use the bottom of the pants for another Summerlin dress for little miss.
I used I love this cotton yarn, it seems to fuzz a little bit, but it is super soft, we’ll see how it wears.
I also made the top a little longer this time and knitted in button holes so the back opening would overlap.I positioned the drawstrings off center and I think the effect turned out really cute. The length is adjustable which I also like. You know what would be really cute it some matching bloomers made out of bandanna fabric.
And so there was a happy ending after all!

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I got my package from the personal swap with Tiffany(mieljolie). I made her some slither arm warmers and she sent me a pattern for a Turkish vest made of pop tabs and this paper mache witch’s boot.

It is double sided, so I can switch it up a bit.
It is my new favorite Halloween decoration! I can’t believe how cool it is, I’ve never made anything like this with paper mache. I think I might have to try it again, a matching witch’s hat would be great. Tiffany also included some vintage patterns and some vintage embroidery stitching guides.
I also finished Pandora’s Summerlin dress.

Here’s little miss being shy for the camera. I really like how this turned out and I already have another one on the needles, I think that I’ll make the knitted part a little longer on this one. This pattern really has a lot of possibilities, by the time summer is here she may have half a dozen of these.

I am also proud to report that some of the seeds we planted in our 2-liter bottle garden are already growing, the catnip, marigolds, and chives are up, yay!

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