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You may remember a while back when I made decoupaged storage jars like Alexa from The Swell Life.  The first time I followed her instructions using random letters and numbers I cut from various magazines.  When I finished I wondered how it would look if I only used one color.  For my second try I used only red numbers and letters.  After finishing the red jar I wondered how using just one letter would look, can you see where I’m going with this?

I have to confess that I cheated and printed out all my letters.  K is a difficult letter to find and I wanted to use some of the fancy fonts I got from dafont.com (Thanks Lisa).  I picked a large variety of fonts and sizes.  I cut everything out and sorted them out by size.letter jar Ks I start by applying the large letters and filling in with the smaller ones.  Once I used up most of these I cut out my smaller letters, some of them were tiny.  I used them to fill in any tiny gaps or to break up space.letter jar k I really like how it turned out.  This is definitely a great project with many options and uses, I’m sure I’ll be making more of these…oooooh how about a theme like Halloween or roses or eyes, just when I thought I was done exploring the options of this project I get another idea!

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I really want to sew something, I also have a new project that I am dying to start.  I need space and the dining room table is not going to cut it anymore!  I’m all worked up and ready to craft and this is my craft room!craftroom before

Ugh, I no longer feel creative, the urge to craft is gone.  I have slowly been trying to get unpacked, but it is taking forever.

I have managed to clear some floor space and in an emergency I could set up the sewing machine, but don’t ask me where the ironing board is.craftroom during

But it still doesn’t inspire me to create anything, sigh…

I think I’ll order a pizza for dinner and see if I can accomplish a bit more unpacking.  I keep telling myself that I have to get it set up soon, there is a lot of crafting to do for the new house.

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