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Whenever I’m in the mood to try something new I visit OnePrettyThing, there is always something new to try.  Last week I found this tutorial for making cereal box journals.  It’s crafty, useful, green, and inexpensive.  I used several different boxes, not just cereal boxes, so my books vary in size a little bit.  cereal box booksFor the inside I used printer paper (100% recycled) and lined paper from old notebooks.  I spent the afternoon cutting the boxes and papers to size (I made 20 of these, I imagine that making a couple would be pretty quick).  I have to say that rounding the corners is what really gives this project a finished look.  I decided to use my boxes with the printing on the outside.   I also used thread from old projects in my machine, it was a great way to use up those off colors of thread from old projects filling up my bobbins.cereal box books 2My books have 16 pages, just like the tutorial, but I think I may be able to get 20 pages in the next batch.  My sewing machine didn’t have any problem sewing through everything, although I did wear safety glasses incase I broke a needle.  I know I will be making more of these and with the decorating possibilities I will have to leave the plain side of the boxes out next time.cereal box books  scrapsI saved all of the paper scraps and they will be including in another recycling project later this week.

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I absolutely adore the package I received from auntiem! Everything is just perfect.This is the full package there is a knitting bag with day of the dead fabric, yay!, size 15 needles, size 2 DPNs, The Knitters Bible, 8 skull stitch markers and holder, 8 knitted hair rollers from my wists, wrist warmers and the pattern, 6 finger cots and holder, 2 skeins of caron feathers yarn, 1 skein of denim tweed yarn, and the rest of the skein used to make the wrist warmers, some sheep magnets, and a pattern to make socks. Here’s some detail shots…

The set of rollers are orange!!! and they match the ones that I have been making perfectly(pattern). The finger cots are so cool, I just started knitting a wool purse and they are saving my fingers and the stitch markers are also being used in that project. The wrist warmers are so cute I almost wish it was winter again, almost.

I love getting stuff in the mail. I have found that as a crafter I am always making stuff for my friends and family and often times I don’t keep anything for myself so getting crafted stuff from my swap partners is always special.

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I went to my local thrift store today and found some great deals! All their coats were free and I found a very nice faux sheep skin coat that fit me perfectly and it’s machine washable. Here’s everything that I bought, can you believe that I only spent $3.75?

I also found a great pair of coveralls, I have big plans for them, I’m going to cut the arms off and paint a vintage tattoo flash design on the back similar to this. They had some really nice children’s books, there are ten of them. Most of them are board books and they’re all in almost new condition.There are also two vintage floral pillowcases and these fake wood sparrows.When I saw them I thought wow, wouldn’t those look great painted like this clip art. I’m hoping that the wind dies down so I can spray prime them today. I love thrift store shopping, you never know what you’ll find.

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