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I adore yard sales, the excitement of finding something that I never knew I needed for a dollar is one of the best feelings ever.  I have tried to not “yard sale” this season and work on reducing my stash, but last weekend was my neighborhood sale, there were yard sales everywhere and I could not resist!  I came home with a carload of books, clothes, games, and Tupperware.  The real treasure I found was this souvenir dress from Mexico.embroidered dress It sadly is to small for me, but I have fabulous plans for this one:  I think that I will make it into a smock apron!  I plan to cut the sleeves off and enlarging the arm holes a bit (I don’t want to lose any of that embroidery), open the back up entirely, and shorten it to a more apron-y length, then I can just add bias binding to all the cut edges and ties to the back and ta-da and new apron.

Now to decide what color to use for the binding: red, turquoise, pink or green.  Let me know what you think, leave me a comment and help me decide 🙂

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I’ve said it before, but I just have to say it again, I love yard sales!!!  I haven’t had a chance to go to any this season, but my Mom has been going every weekend and she got me the cutest vintage aprons last week.apron 2The first one is a light weight, almost sheer, half apron with a scallop hem.apron 3 Apron number two has an interesting use of rick rack, it’s hard to see, but squares of the patterned fabric have been outlined with rick rack and applied to the plain waist band and pocket.apron 1

This one is my favorite, I love the shape of the waist and the zig-zags on the bottom and pocket are really unique.  I also like the dark patterned fabric with the bright yellow.

I was very impressed with my Mother’s bargaining skills, she paid $.50 for all three.  I am excited to add these to my collection and I might have to make a copy of the black and yellow one, if I can figure out how they make those zig-zags!

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My parents had a garage sale this weekend and when I stopped by to say hi I saw my old Spirograph and just had to have it.

Ah, the memories, I think this is where my love of colored pens comes from. Just thing of the color options of gel pens!!! This toy is well used, with some of the gears permanently ink stained from frequent use. It was fun to try out those well worn holes and remember sitting at the kitchen table for hours making tons of these things in red,blue, green and black.

I’m thinking a bracelet with shrinky dink Spirograph charms would be the perfect project or maybe just some simple note cards. If you have any good ideas, let me know, I’m not going to be satisfied until it wear the teeth off the gears.

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It is the peak of yard sale season here and today I really scored at the American Lutheran Church Rummage sale! I found two vintage floral comforters for $2.00 each, I think that they will make great bags. They are in the washing machine right now and will spend tomorrow hanging on the clothes line and hopefully that will freshen them up a bit. The floral fabric is on both sides so I will have plenty of fabric to work with.

This vintage apron complete with rick rack trim, it is to small for me, as most vintage aprons are, but it will make a great addition to my collection and it was a steal for $1.00. This is not the best picture, it is a really cute apron and after being washed and pressed it will be good as new.

Here are the rest of my finds: a heart shaped tin $.10 that will be covered with polymer clay, a wire art kit for $.75 the copper wire will be fun to play with, a watch for $.25 which will be taken apart for the gears, and a purse for $.25 that I’m planning on taking apart for the hardware and handles.

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I am so addicted to yard sales and thrift stores, I can hardly wait for Saturdays! Today was an excellent day for bargain hunting.

I found a vintage Skyway suitcase in decent shape for $2.00, an adorable picnic basket for $1.00, a large brandy glass with the world ugliest candle wreath(which is already in the trash) for $.25, and an embroidery hoop for $.25.I also found a bag of 18 pillowcases for $2.50 and a stack of 7 round tin trays for $.50. I have big plans for most of my finds today. The suitcase will be gutted, all that stinky old fabric will be removed and replaced. I will also paint the outside, probably a soft blue or pink and then I will paint or maybe decoupage something on the side and it will become a dress up case for my daughter. The brandy glass will be used for a plant it’s just perfect for keeping my kitties from munching on the foliage, but allowing in light and air. The embroidery hoop will be used to make a screen printing frame and the trays will be painted, decoupaged and sealed and used for holiday treats. The pillowcases will be made into pillowcase dresses for my daughter, a couple of summery tops, and maybe a couple of reusable grocery bags. The picnic basket will most likely be left as is, I just have to make some place mat/silverware holders and cloth napkins and we will be all set to have a family picnic! So many projects, so little time, if only I had a maid, a nanny, and a personal assistant!

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