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Yes, I am still knitting washcloths, this time I used the harmonic mosaic pattern from Ribbed For Your Pleasure (I love the name of this blog!!!)Harmonic Mosaic Cloth

This pattern reminds me of DNA for some reason.  I love the pattern, but I don’t know how I feel about the color of the variegated yarn, its Peaches and Cream Pink Lemonade, it will grow on me, right?  I think I have enough left to make two more washcloths and some facial scrubbies, I must use up the entire ball!  I guess I’ll go to Ravelry (my username is crafterella, add me as a friend) and find another washcloth pattern to try.

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I found this adorable crochet pattern and just had to give it a try, especially when the instructions said you could whip one of these up in about ten minutes.flower tawashiI confess it took me a little longer than ten minutes, but I am not a crochet expert.   I used left over bits of cotton yarn and really a full ball would make a ton of these!  I think they’ll make good facial cleansing pads, yay for green products.

flower tawashi 2 I also have to share this little story about the yarn I used for these.  You know how once you tell your family and friends that you’ve started knitting or crocheting you inevitably end up with a garbage bag of red heart yarn?  At the bottom of my bag was this very interesting vintage 100% cotton terry cloth yarn that I have be attempting to use for years.  Terry cloth yarn seems like a good idea, but the texture of the yarn makes it impossible to frog anything (the picture does not do it justice), it just won’t come undone, but it’s cool.  I was able to use it by doubling it up with regular cotton and the result is awesome and super soft and spongy.  I will finally be using up all of this yarn for this project.

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I recently bought a tie dyed t-shirt at the goodwill for $.99. I took it home and cut it into strips that were roughly 1 inch wide.I used size 19 knitting needles and simple garter stitch to make this rainbow washcloth. I had originally used size 15 needles and it was just to tight/dense. It still seemed a little stiff, so I threw it in with the laundry and boy did it shrink (it must have been a new shirt). I was able to stretch it back into shape. The garter stitch has given it a lot of texture, it will make a good dishcloth or swiffer cover.
I have read that using well worn t shirts makes super soft washcloths, new ones not so much. I think maybe I cut the strips to wide, I’ll try 1/2 inch wide next time. I already have a nice worn shirt ready to be sacrificed.

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