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I got so busy with my latest project that I forgot to blog yesterday! I started working on the Turkish vest pattern that Tiffany sent me in our personal swap.

I made the first piece using fleece(the one on the left), it made a very sturdy fabric with good stretch, but I wanted to showcase the tabs more, so I decided to try using knit fabric. I liked the look of the knit fabric better, but the fabric is weaker.
I crocheted an edging around the whole piece to give it a more finished look. Today I will be making the other two pieces, now that I’ve got the technique down it should go pretty fast.
I’m not sure where I will be wearing this,(so if you see me at the grocery store in this you know why,) but I just had to have one. I could probably use it for a Halloween costume.

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I got my package from the personal swap with Tiffany(mieljolie). I made her some slither arm warmers and she sent me a pattern for a Turkish vest made of pop tabs and this paper mache witch’s boot.

It is double sided, so I can switch it up a bit.
It is my new favorite Halloween decoration! I can’t believe how cool it is, I’ve never made anything like this with paper mache. I think I might have to try it again, a matching witch’s hat would be great. Tiffany also included some vintage patterns and some vintage embroidery stitching guides.
I also finished Pandora’s Summerlin dress.

Here’s little miss being shy for the camera. I really like how this turned out and I already have another one on the needles, I think that I’ll make the knitted part a little longer on this one. This pattern really has a lot of possibilities, by the time summer is here she may have half a dozen of these.

I am also proud to report that some of the seeds we planted in our 2-liter bottle garden are already growing, the catnip, marigolds, and chives are up, yay!

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I received my package from MsMia today for the Bargain Hunter #6 swap on Craftster today.

First she crocheted me a capelet. I reminds me of a spiderweb when it’s on, it’s very lacy.
An Embroidery kit that is almost finished, see weird white shape on lower left, but the floss needed is in the envelopes.
Two cotton sweaters, an eyelash scarf, a butterfly hand puppet, 2 skeins of eyelash yarn, a belt with a great buckle, scrap booking chipboard pieces, a pillowcase, 2 plaid place mats, and 4 patterns. There were also some chocolate covered fortune cookies, but they have been carefully hidden away from the children.
And this is Pandora wearing the eyelash scarf (it’s a tube scarf), we think she looks like a wookie :).
I have not sent her package yet, the last day to send it Monday, so that is what I will be working on this weekend. I actually still have some money to spend!

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I am doing a personal swap with mieljolie on craftster and I am so excited!!! I’m making her a pair of “slither” armwarmers and she is sending me a pattern for one of her fabulous pop tab garments and some other goodies (maybe even a paper mache witches boot). I have been knitting away on the armwarmers and am over half way done. I think I will finish these up in the next couple of days.

The Bargain Hunter Swap is also back. Partners have been assigned and the planning is in progress…I think I will be making some jewelry and a top secret sewing project. I have to do some shopping and I have to check my bargain hunter stash.
I also finished my felted Kelly bag. As you can see the flap dried a little wonky, so I think I will have to wet it again and reshape it. Again I will say I really like the style of this bag and I wonder how a fabric version would work, I can’t figure out how I would do the handle.

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The WWP Swap #7 is complete for me! This was a fun swap and so far the gallery is amazing, so many ideas, so little time, sigh. Here’s what I sent my partner:

There are 2 roses embellished candle holders, a fairy sculpture with a removable rose offering plate, a frog topped fairy house, and a mini tea set for her daughter to have tea with the fairies. BTW, thank you AprilDraven for taking this picture, I forgot to snap any pictures before I sent.
I received a journal for me, two mini books and colors for my children, 2 jar candles etched with the god symbol and the goddess symbol, a mini/portable alter (in the Altoid tin), a set of runes that are also etched, an alter cloth with tiny little rosebuds on it, and a Living Wicca book.

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I have been working on stuff for my swap partner in the Witch/Wicca/Pagan Swap on Craftster and I know that my partner likes fairies, so I have been working on fairy wings.

These were made from wire, beads, glitter and transparent liquid sculpty, I used these instructions. They were easy to make and turned out well, but unfortunately I made 2 left wings, d’oh! I will be making at least 2 more (right wings this time) and I do plan on painting the back or something since they are plain and the beads are hidden by the sculpty. I have to paint the wingless fairy and then insert these wings and she will be finished. For this swap I need to make 2 small items, 1 medium, and 1 large (the size refers to crafting time, not actual size) and this is my large, I have almost completed the 2 smalls, (just a bit more gluing), but I have not started on the medium yet and the package must go out on Saturday.

On a non-crafty note, I have also been busy doing some cat grooming. My cat, Pookie, has super long, extra silky fur and every spring when she sheds her winter coat she ends up a matted mess. It is my fault for not brushing her properly and to fix this problem I usually shave her.

Here is the pile of fur (almost enough to make another cat) and unfortunately, there is still more that needs to come off. Don’t worry, she actually likes being shaved and grooms (licks) me while I groom her, but it does take quite a bit of time to accomplish, I wonder if I could make something with the fur, she has an endless supply, anyone have an idea just let me know!

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I got my swap package on Saturday, but I have been a bit distracted with other things to share, until now.

Here’s the full package. There are several cup type organizers and 2 plastic divided organizers, 2 day of the dead hand painted skull canvases, an eyeball picture frame, a decoupaged coupon organizer, 2 vintage magazines, and a vintage crafty book.
Here’s a detail of the skulls, notice the sequin accents and you can also see the top of the eyeball frame. (If you look close you can see where some of the sequins and eyeballs have fallen off.)
Here’s a detail of the vintage book and magazines, the one in the middle is my favorite, it has several purse patterns and at least 6 apron patterns, yay!
This is the bottom of the box, as you can see there were a few casualties, but a little glue and everything will be good as new.
All of this for $5.00, wow ollieorange! I love this swap!!!

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Okay, my partner in the bargain hunter swap round #5 got her package yesterday, so now I can share. I had been having artist block when it came to this swap, I just could not find anything I wanted to make and finally, one night while I was playing with my kids and there new play dough toy it came to me moustache necklace.I used the little molds on the toy to make the moustaches and beard out of polymer clay. I don’t know if it is something that my partner would actually wear, but it was made in the spirit of fun. As you can see she also received a gear pendant and the zombie bunny patches, I think I did pretty good for only having a $5.00 budget.

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I have just finished working on the strangest thing that I have ever made. It is for my swap partner in the Bargain Hunter round 5 swap on Craftster. I will be sending this package out on Monday, so I don’t want to spoil the surprise so I’ll just say that it involved this:As soon as my partner receives I will post the whole story.

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I absolutely adore the package I received from auntiem! Everything is just perfect.This is the full package there is a knitting bag with day of the dead fabric, yay!, size 15 needles, size 2 DPNs, The Knitters Bible, 8 skull stitch markers and holder, 8 knitted hair rollers from my wists, wrist warmers and the pattern, 6 finger cots and holder, 2 skeins of caron feathers yarn, 1 skein of denim tweed yarn, and the rest of the skein used to make the wrist warmers, some sheep magnets, and a pattern to make socks. Here’s some detail shots…

The set of rollers are orange!!! and they match the ones that I have been making perfectly(pattern). The finger cots are so cool, I just started knitting a wool purse and they are saving my fingers and the stitch markers are also being used in that project. The wrist warmers are so cute I almost wish it was winter again, almost.

I love getting stuff in the mail. I have found that as a crafter I am always making stuff for my friends and family and often times I don’t keep anything for myself so getting crafted stuff from my swap partners is always special.

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