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Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants have always reminded me of Halloween and I have had a Venus fly trap before and it is really fascinating!  I found these kits at Hobby Lobby.

I just had to have it!  I bought an apothecary type jar for mine to grow in because I wanted something nicer than the plastic dome the kit came with.  There are seeds for Venus fly traps, pitcher plants, sundew plants, cobra plants, and trumpet plants.  Part of the seeds can be planted right away and part of the seed have to go through “Stratification” in the fridge.  100_1777I have planted the first batch of seeds and the rest are in the fridge for the next six weeks.  I guess I won’t have a flourishing carnivorous garden this year, buy next year it will be awesome!  The Dune Craft Company makes several different plant kits, if this one grows well I will be trying a few more, they have some really interesting ones.

Speaking of creepy plants, you may remember the Poison Tree Ornament that I made last year and finally this year they are available in my etsy store, get them now, only three available!!!poison tree b 2

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Today is the first day of the Lincoln Handmade Team week of giveaways!!! Today is Christy of ChristyNelson.net, read her bio here and enter her giveaway here, good luck everyone.

I also wanted to share how well our bottle garden is doing. All the seeds sprouted within five days of planting, even the ones that said to allow 14 – 21 days for growth. I have thinned out the larger ones and taken the tops off so they could get a little more sunlight. My kids are still really interested in this project and we look at how much they have grown every morning. I must also mention that the petunia seedlings are tiny, I had no idea they started out so small.

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