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In December I ordered the Pillowcase Pinnie pattern from MakeDoMail on etsy. I have a large collection of pillowcases and have been looking for some cute things to do with them. I liked the simplicity of this pattern and thought it would be fun.

The pattern is easy, very well written and includes several helpful tips to make you apron successful. I opted to make the large size for my trial (the extra large would have been a better choice for me, but the chosen sacrificial pillowcase was not large enough). I also left off the pleats at the neckline because I like a larger neck hole, please note that if you are well endowed the neck pleats add shaping and keep the neckline from looking funny, so put them in!As you can see it is modeled by my husband and his nice flat chest. (I know it looks a little wonky in the photos, but it was just how he was standing). When I make this pattern again I will be putting in the neck pleats, making the extra large size, and adding the pockets.

I recommend this pattern if you like simple, smock style apron and are fond of applying miles of bias tape and I will probably make it again.

I would like to thank my husband for dutifully modeling my apron 🙂

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