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I have been trying to get my house in order for months.  I used to be so organized and my life was sooooooo much easier, I really need to get everything back under control!  I have been reading and watching some of those organizing shows on TV and they always recommend that you have a command center or launch pad, where you keep keys, backpacks, purses, out going mail, etc. and so I decided I needed one too!  command center beforeHere is the area I decided to work with, technically this isn’t the real before shot, before there was a shoe rack and a pile of shoes here.  Yeah, it looked worse than this and yes that is an entire tote full of fabric.

I was shocked at my local office supply store to see that a combination marker board/magnetic board/cork board was $35.00 – $75.00! (you know I wanted the $75.00 one) and that did not include markers, push pins, or magnets, yikes!  I made a quick trip to my local “mart” store and found a magnetic marker board and some cork tiles fairly inexpensively.  At Hobby Lobby I found a nice upholstery fabric remnant for a couple of dollars and ta-daaaaa, a spiffy new command center.command center after

First I cut the fabric into squares a little larger than the cork tiles.  The fabric I used was super easy to cut because it has a pattern of small dots on it (they’re black and not showing up on the photo)  Using spray adhesive I attached the fabric to the front of the cork.  I trimmed the corners diagonally, leaving a little fabric in the corners for turning.  I then used tacky glue to glue the edges of fabric to the backs of the tiles.  The marker board and cork tiles came with mounting squares to stick them on the wall with and I just eyeballed where I wanted them an stuck them up.  I think I need to move the key rack to above that tile on the top right to make it more symmetrical.

Obviously I still have some work to do, like draw up a calendar and tack up some more stuff, sort all the mail, and organize the basket of doom there on the left, but I think it’s really going to help.  I’m also going to make some covered milk crates to hold library books and backpacks/purses.  I would also be really cute to make some customized magnets and push pins.  The rest of my house is still a giant mess, but I’m working on it, little by little 🙂

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I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of milk crates.  They really are the perfect size for storing any and everything, but they are not cute, especially if you’re like me and have one or two of every color ever made and a few that are a little worn around the edges. 

I have the answer make them into Undercover Crates!  This has been on my to do list for quite a while and if I had known how quick and easy this would be I would have done it ages ago.  I even had to adjust the size (don’t worry there are easy to follow instructions on how to do this) and it still only took about an hour.scooby crate I used a Scooby Doo sheet that I bought on a yard sale.  I need to take a minute here and rant a little.  This fabric was AWFUL, had I known how poorly woven and badly printed this fabric was I would not have bothered.  I have had enough of “character” sheets, they are all crappy, loosely woven and printed off grain.  I will stick to the regular sheets from now on.  Okay, moving on, I wanted to use something fun, this is now our designated library book crate, so that Mommy does not have to spend 30 minutes rounding up books when its time to go to the library.scooby crate inside

I really like how the pattern turned out, the instructions were simple and it was easy for me to customize the size.  The only thing I will do differently in the future is to make the seam allowances 1/2” instead of 1/4”, I like a little more to work with.  I will have to redo this one because of the fabric issue, but that’s fine.  I only have about 20 of these crates, I’ll just set up a little assembly line and go to town!  I think I’ll make a set for everyone in the family! 

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I have been doing a lot of knitting lately and it has taken over our apartment. The ottoman is stacked up with yarn caddies, patterns, needles. The bedroom floor is covered with crochet hooks and stitch markers. There are random balls of yarn, row counters, point protectors, and darning needles everywhere. I really knew that there was a problem when I found my “fancy” stitch markers in the bathroom vanity.
In order to get more organized I decided to make a bucket organizer. Something functional for storage and easy to stow away in a closet when guests are coming or I take a break from knitting. It has spaces for 30 knitting needles and 30 crochet hooks/double pointed needles. I used a sheet that I bought for a dollar at a thrift store and supplies I had on hand.

There are elastic bands to hold my 2 liter bottle yarn caddies and on the opposite side there are pockets for cable needles, scissors, stitches markers and other miscellaneous notions. I’ll be able to store several work in progress projects and patterns on the inside. Everything will be easy to find when I’m ready to work on a project.

I will need to make something to hold my growing yarn stash, but that is for another day. I am really excited about finishing this project and I can’t wait to start knitting something new!

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First let me state that I am definitely not above dumpster diving or picking stuff off the curb. Before Christmas I just happened to notice this wine carrier sitting on top of the trash in my dumpster and knew immediately what I could do with it.
All it needed was a bit of black paint to cover the words and some disposable cups. I present the portable kids art supply caddy.

This was a nice quickie project that made our art cart a bit more tidy and a nice home for all those brushes, markers, scissors, and glue. I think it should hold up well, the cups can be replaced if they get stained or broken and if the carrier itself gets a bit worn I can repaint or decoupage it back to new. I could use a couple more of these, but I don’t drink wine maybe someone will throw another one out!

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