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Last week we had an appointment with the Lincoln Action group, they provide weatherization and during the inspection we discovered black mold in one of our basement walls.  Well you know that has to be fixed.  Luckily in was contained in a small wall, so this weekend we took the wall down.  I cordoned off the area with plastic put on my mask and started ripping it down.  My Father was here to help and Marma(my Mother) kept the kids busy.  big DIY basement bathMost of the mold was growing on the back of the drywall and there is no way to get it off, so out it went!  The mold was caused by moisture in the wall from an old leak that had already been repaired.  big DIY basement bath2I sprayed the interior of the wall down with a mold killing spray, we have a dehumidifier running full blast, and in a few weeks when we’re sure the mold is dead and everything is nice and dry we’ll put the wall back up.  We will be replacing one of the studs in the bathroom wall, installing an access door for the plumbing, and putting recessed shelving into the family room wall.  And that swimming pool blue paint will get painted over too!

I have also been working on my Crafty Chica bag.  I have finished the appliqués.  Kelly (refibered) gave me a mini lesson on reverse appliqué at our Lincoln Handmade Team meeting last week.  I have started the painting.  I’m using regular acrylic craft paint mixed with textile medium, it’s taking a lot of coats to get good coverage, but it worth it.chica bag progress 1This is the back, I’m going to have to get a shot of these outside so the glitter vinyl is more noticeable! chica bag progress 2 Here is the front, I’ve finished the white areas and am building up the yellow and red areas.

Once the painting is finished I will be embellishing this further with dimensional paint, glitter paint, rhinestones and maybe some sequins.  I also have something super special planned for the inside, so check back.  The contest has been extended to the 24th., so there is still time for you to give it a shot!  (See the Flickr gallery here.)

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Our new house was formerly a rental house and so there have been a lot of fun discoveries made since we closed.  For example, a large hole in the kitchen wall was patched with packing tape and then painted, there are miles and miles of wires (cable and phone) that go nowhere, the toilet has been installed at an odd angle, but my personal favorite is the graffiti.sharpie boobs before

This particular drawing is in my bathroom behind the door, a delightfully primitive large breasted woman done in black sharpie marker.  The reason I mention this is that I have discovered a way to lessen the appearance of sharpie marker, so I don’t have to apply 10 coats of primer and I thought I should share.  The secret is rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball.sharpie boobs after

Here is the after shot, now I know that you can still see the boobies, but they are definitely less noticeable.  Once the wall dries and the ring around the edge fades it will be a lot better.  I think that on a semi gloss paint the marker would have been completely removed.  I’m not exactly sure what kind of paint this is, it is matte and when I wash the walls (and yes they really need to be washed!!!) it comes off, not completely, but noticeably.  The entire interior is painted with this stuff and every room needs to be primed (with kilz) and painted, walls and ceilings.  We are going to start painting soon, but the bathroom will be one of the last rooms we do (we would really like to redo the entire bathroom (or as I put it: rip out everything and start over)).

Oh, and the other thing I learned last week: foaming oven cleaner is great for removing cat urine from cement floors, we got a little crazy and just started trying different cleaning products. 

And after all of this I am still really excited that we bought this house and I can’t wait to get everything done.

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I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to start working on the biggest DIY ever and today I would like to share a bit more about that.  A week ago we closed on our first house.  The house has been a rental house for years and the last tenant and her five children did a lot of damage to the home.  The majority of the problems are cosmetic, a bit of hard work and elbow grease and we should have a very nice house!wood flooor corner before

So, what have I been up to this weekend you ask, scrubbing floors, I think I have scrubbed all the floors at least five times.  The corner of floor pictured above has some sort of gooey crud on it, I spent a couple of hours scrubbing and scraping and ended up with a fairly clean corner of floor.wood flooor corner after

Almost the entire first floor has hardwood floors that all need to be refinished, but we just spent all of our money buying the house!  I discovered Rejuvenate Floor Reviver and it works fabulously!!!, if your floors are worn and no longer shinny this stuff is for you!  I also tried Orange Glo and while it did improve the surface of the floor, the Rejuvenate made a bigger impact and it can be used on many different types of floors.  diningroom damaged wallI have also been working on the walls, there are a lot of dents, dings, and some larger holes in the plaster (on the left beside the doorway the black marks, yes those are bicycle tracks!).  Patching plaster walls is interesting, but easy enough for a beginner, a nice lady at Home Depot helped me find everything I needed.  I am now getting excited about painting.panoramic livingroom

This is a panoramic shot of our living room and it shows why this house is so great, there are miles of beautiful wood work and somehow it has never been painted.  Those French doors lead to my future craft room, where I will be making curtains and slipcovers and other fun household stuff plus all the other crafty stuff I like to make.

Now I just need to decide what colors to paint everything!

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