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I was happy with my adult sized butterfly hat, but I still wanted to make one for Little Miss.  I went down to a G and whipped up a purple one and then I decided to go smaller.  I made the light blue one using an E hook.butterfly hat allI have to say that the variegated one seems a little busy now and the butterfly isn’t as noticeable.

butterfly hat blue

The blue one fits, but seems a little small and would always be falling off. butterfly hat purple

The purple one fits the best! and it seems to make her goofy, so it must be the perfect hat.

Once again I will have to say that this is a super cute and easy pattern, I’ll have to use some of my stash to make a few more of these for my craft show booths.

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Butterfly Hat

I found this darling pattern and decided it would be an adorable hat for Little Miss.  I started working on it last night and frogged the first one because it was waaaaaaay to big.  I went down to a H hook and started again.butterfly hat It turned out really cute, but it is still waaaaay to big for little miss although it fits me perfectly.  I must crochet really loose.  I will be trying this some more, switching hook sizes and maybe trying some different yarn.  Hats are so fun to make, quick and easy and not a lot of sizing options!

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Mine aren’t either, but I’m prepared if they do get cold.  I have resolved to use up some of my stash of everything, but especially yarn.  You may remember this yarn from the swiffer cover and dusting mitt, well I still had some left and so I made an ear warmer.

earwarmer It’s just a tube with some 2 X 2 ribbing around both edges.  I still had a bit of yarn leftover and I have a crochet project that I’m going to use that last little bit for.

I also decided to make an earflap hat.  I started out with this pattern and changed the earflaps a bit, left off the horns, and added twisted cords instead of I-cord.

earflap hat turquoise 1             earflap hat turquoise 2

I made the pom-pom using a doodle-loom that I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  The doodle-loom made it easy to cut the pom-pom, but overall I would have to say that I was unimpressed with it.  I was hoping to make big, full poms, but these ended up kind of limp and not as full as I wanted and I wrapped that loom until I couldn’t fit anymore yarn on it!

I don’t know what it is about earflap hats, but I can’t stop making them.  If you know of any good patterns let me know I’d love to try a new style!

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Aviator Hat

August is almost over and exactly where have I been? I have been furiously cutting out instant cemeteries, knitting cupcakes, playing-I mean using my new camera, working, insert more excuses here…Anyway I saw this post on Craftster and decided to give the Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap pattern a second look. I had seen this pattern before and just wasn’t interested, but add some i-cord and tassels and I’m in! I use some vintage ’70’s acrylic variegated yarn and followed the instruction exactly, just adding the i-cord and tassels.

Here’s a side view, and yes this is my bathroom/photo studio. This pattern was easy to follow and knitting it flat made it super easy and it came out the perfect size.
The back seam even came out good and I like how the hat has an inverted V, it leaves a perfect spot for my ponytail.

I recommend this as a quick and satisfying project that uses less than a skein of yarn.

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I was in the Etsy forums a few days ago and I saw this awesome hat in electricbluebird’s avatar and I wanted it so badly, but unfortunately it was already sold. Electric Blue Bird’s shop

I decided to try to make one of my very own. I am not an accomplished crocheter and after some advice on pattern reading from my mother I was able to come up with this.
I like how it turned out, but it just isn’t as striking as the original. I did use all scrap yarn, so that’s a plus. In hindsight I think that using white in the center of the flower was a mistake.
I really admire the originality of this hat and I think I may have to contact electricbluebird and see if she would make one for me.

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