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Yep, I finished it up today and I am still super excited about this contest!  The bag came out just like I planned, yay!  I would like to take a moment to thank all my friends and my family for not telling me to shut-up about this and being really supportive throughout my obsession with this project!

chica bag finished frontThis is the front of the bag, although it is really double sided.chica bag finished back  The back with it’s glitter vinyl reverse appliqués.

chica bag collage And finally a collection of all the details.  The inspiration for the basic shape of this bag came from Simplicity 2658, I made mine bigger and enlarged the handle hole.  There is also one large zippered pocket, three open pockets and a heart shaped key keeper on the inside.  I liked this design because it has an oval shaped bottom (with a plastic insert to make it hold it’s shape).

I had so much fun working on this project, what will I do with my free time now?  Oh yeah, that’s right, I’ll pay attention to my family, do the dishes, and the laundry :).

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I worked on my Crafty Chica bag all day yesterday.  Layering the paint to get solid bright colors over that turquoise fabric took forever, but once I was finished with that I couldn’t wait to start embellishing!  I even went outside to take a “well lit, non blurry” photo for you to see.chica bag progress 6 I am still finishing the lettering and the buttons on the banner.  I also have to finish the lettering on the back piece, I might even have time to work on the lining.  Then I will be able to stitch it all together.  I’m sure by the end of the week everyone will be sick of seeing this bag, but I can’t help it, I’m obsessed.  See the other entries on Flickr.

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Last week we had an appointment with the Lincoln Action group, they provide weatherization and during the inspection we discovered black mold in one of our basement walls.  Well you know that has to be fixed.  Luckily in was contained in a small wall, so this weekend we took the wall down.  I cordoned off the area with plastic put on my mask and started ripping it down.  My Father was here to help and Marma(my Mother) kept the kids busy.  big DIY basement bathMost of the mold was growing on the back of the drywall and there is no way to get it off, so out it went!  The mold was caused by moisture in the wall from an old leak that had already been repaired.  big DIY basement bath2I sprayed the interior of the wall down with a mold killing spray, we have a dehumidifier running full blast, and in a few weeks when we’re sure the mold is dead and everything is nice and dry we’ll put the wall back up.  We will be replacing one of the studs in the bathroom wall, installing an access door for the plumbing, and putting recessed shelving into the family room wall.  And that swimming pool blue paint will get painted over too!

I have also been working on my Crafty Chica bag.  I have finished the appliqués.  Kelly (refibered) gave me a mini lesson on reverse appliqué at our Lincoln Handmade Team meeting last week.  I have started the painting.  I’m using regular acrylic craft paint mixed with textile medium, it’s taking a lot of coats to get good coverage, but it worth it.chica bag progress 1This is the back, I’m going to have to get a shot of these outside so the glitter vinyl is more noticeable! chica bag progress 2 Here is the front, I’ve finished the white areas and am building up the yellow and red areas.

Once the painting is finished I will be embellishing this further with dimensional paint, glitter paint, rhinestones and maybe some sequins.  I also have something super special planned for the inside, so check back.  The contest has been extended to the 24th., so there is still time for you to give it a shot!  (See the Flickr gallery here.)

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I finished my back patch and got is sewn on yesterday. I really like how it turned out although I may have gotten a little carried away with the rhinestones and glitter paint on the mouth.

Once everything dried I carefully cut around the design and ironed some lightweight interfacing on to the back and sewed it on to the coveralls that I bought at my local thrift store. I altered the coveralls by cutting off the sleeves and then dying them with RIT dye in the washing machine. I used one package of purple and one package of red.

I know it looks kind of crooked in the picture, but it really is straight. They are surprisingly comfortable and I think they will make great studio attire that I won’t be ashamed to leave the house in.

I’m thinking that the front needs something, like a name patch. I may make one that says “crafty”. Anyone have any ideas?

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I worked on painting my patch a little more today. I just need to finish the bottom banner, add some more high lights/shading and do all the black.
I’m still undecided on the background and I may add a border of either flowers or buttons on the sides. I’m now thinking that I need some sparkle, I have a bedazzler…hmmmmm.

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I bought an old pair of coveralls from the local thrift store a while back. After cutting off the sleeves and dying them a new purply-red color they are now ready for more embellishment. I sketched out what I wanted, I was going for day of the dead meets vintage tattoo. I tried to incorporate a lot of the tools that I use the most and keep it fairly symmetrical.

I traced the design directly onto some muslin using a sharpie marker. When I am done painting it I will cut it out and apply it to the coveralls like a patch.
As you can see I have just started painting it. I’m just using cheap acrylic paint with a textile medium mixed in. I thought that I had kept it pretty simply, but I think this may take me a while to paint. I am also trying to decide if I will paint the background or leave it the natural color of the fabric.

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