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Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants have always reminded me of Halloween and I have had a Venus fly trap before and it is really fascinating!  I found these kits at Hobby Lobby.

I just had to have it!  I bought an apothecary type jar for mine to grow in because I wanted something nicer than the plastic dome the kit came with.  There are seeds for Venus fly traps, pitcher plants, sundew plants, cobra plants, and trumpet plants.  Part of the seeds can be planted right away and part of the seed have to go through “Stratification” in the fridge.  100_1777I have planted the first batch of seeds and the rest are in the fridge for the next six weeks.  I guess I won’t have a flourishing carnivorous garden this year, buy next year it will be awesome!  The Dune Craft Company makes several different plant kits, if this one grows well I will be trying a few more, they have some really interesting ones.

Speaking of creepy plants, you may remember the Poison Tree Ornament that I made last year and finally this year they are available in my etsy store, get them now, only three available!!!poison tree b 2

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Busy Busy

You may be wondering what happened to me last week, it seems as if I almost disappeared, but I assure you, I am still here.  Last week was super exiting for me, my instant cemetery was featured in the Storque (etsy’s blog) and as the main picture of the article!

storque article 8.27.2009. cropped againThere was a wonderful flood of sales and convos and it has been very exciting.  I have been busy cutting out tombstones and deco-podging cans and going to the post office.

infinite cemeteryI am almost caught up, I’m just waiting for more supplies, they’ll be here tomorrow along with some new fun stuff to try.

I have fabric prewashing now and I am hoping to craft up some household stuff this week and I am also expecting a new crafting book to review and oodles of other things, so I’ll see you later this week!

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I still get super excited to be on the front page of etsy, its only happened a few times and last night after or LNKHandmade crafty meeting I came home to a huge jump in views and hearts.  I dashed over to craftcult and find this:

heart o matic 8-10-2009The front page and the Halloween gift guide!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so excited, front page exposure is better than almost any advertising that you can buy and it’s free!  I’m off to cut out some more cemeteries and maybe list a few new Halloween items.

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It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, well at least I have, the Halloween gift guide!halloween2009giftguide There is a lot of really great stuff this year, so go check it out.  I am also excited to report that my Instant Cemetery is featured in the guide this year, Yay!!!

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Friday Favorites

Here are a few of my latest favorite things (I know you guys are sick of seeing Chica Bag stuff, so this will be something fresh)!

favorite things7-17As always, from left to right and top to bottom:

1.  Day of the Dead Wedding Cake Topper – morbidcreations

2.  Pirate Vixen Corset – damselinthisdress

3.  Recycled T-shirt Rug – talkingsquid

4.  Minature 3D Mermaid Art in Vintage Compact – decorating4…you

5.  Miniature Clay Houses, Urban – thesistersstudio

6.  Sexy Science Fiction Girl Pouch – HautTotes

7.  Beer Box Book – repaper

8.  Enchanted Cat Bookplates – steelgoddess

9.  Daphne and Delilah Monster Knitting Pattern – dangercrafts

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Thrifty Thursday

Do you ever need a little gift as a personal pick me up or a little present for a friend, then I’ve found what you need!  Everything is $5.00 or less (plus shipping) available now on Etsy.Thrifty Thursday collage

(As always, from left to right, top to bottom)

1. “Magic” hair fork – $4.00 by undeadmushroom12

2. Custom Perfume Sample – $5.00 by sweetanthem

3. Raygun Print – $3.80 by monstergallery

4. Bombshells not Bombs Postcard – $2.00 by susanhall

5. Tibet Necklace – $5.00 by WhirlingRainbow

6. Twinkle Twinkle Wall Decal – $5.00 stakersensations

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Here are my newest favorites, it’s Friday, do some window shopping!From left to right, top to bottom.

Bright Pink Lotus, set of twoFancifulForm

Jeepers Peepers Eyeball ClipLadySpleen

Mini Top Hatbeccamari

25 Mini Felt Flowerskutz

Black Polka Dots Childs Tea SetKymminNC

Medical ID Bracelet with Semi-Precious BeadsTFDMedID

Tutorial – Faux Lampwork BeadsEugena777

What’s Your Word Custom PouchzJayne

Eco Chic Funky Flower Brooch from recycled metalwearwolf

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I love browsing the front page and random categories on etsy.com, I always seem to find several things I would love to have.
From left to right:
Verdigris Spring Fling Capelet from KerreraSkye
Only Bad Witches are Ugly…Wizard of Oz Sign from CountryWorkshop
Leather Utility Belts That Actually Look Good from justintime67
Yarn Exhibitionist Kit from Emilybug

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The Etsy Lincoln Handmade Team will be hosting a week of give aways March 16th. – 21st., so here’s the chance for you to get some handmade goodies. Check out our Team Blog for info about our members and quick links to all their blogs(to see what they’re giving away and to enter their contests).
The featured team members are (just click to see our stores):

and Me 🙂

Good luck everyone!

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I often see things that I would love to have on etsy, here are a few of them – please feel free to buy any of the for me :).
Row 1 (from left to right)
Snag free stitch markers -from jeanettejed, whose store features lots of different knitting accessories
Custom yarn embedded knitting needles – from OnTheNeedle, whose store features resin knitting needles and hair sticks
Ceramic dolls face ring – from MIXKO whose shop features felt and ceramic rings, necklaces, lampshades and handbags

Row 2
Long tray of pots – from JMNPOTTERY whose shop features wall decor, pots, bowls, jewelry, teapots, mugs, and lots of unique pieces
Healing blue – from stonesofhealing whose shop features nursing pendants, necklaces, earring, bracelets, jewelry for the whole family and child safe toys and jewelry.
Sleep mask Breakfast at Tiffany’s – from lovelyart whose shop features a variety of sleep masks and jewelry

Row 3
Unfinished wood matchbox niche with viking wings – from TerraMaya whose shop features blank shrines, art shrines, jewelry, bags, and decor
Angel statue acrylic painting – from ebm126 whose shop features paintings, mixed media, and collage
Lucky at cards – from craftyhag whose shop features prints, ACEOs, drawings, paintings, and stained glass

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