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I am working on the painted design for my beach bag for the Crafty Chica Challenge.  I have the bag pattern all ready to go, but first I need to paint the design.  I want to use the “tattoo flash” style that I used for my back patch, but I wanted a new design.chica bag, front

This is what I have for the front, but I think it needs something else/more/different.  I like the top and the bottom, but I need to work on the middle.  I can’t decide if I should add more stuff, start over on the middle portion, or revert back to the design for the back patch.chica bag, back I like the back, maybe the front is just too busy.  I need some advice, what should I do with the design for the front and how does the shape of the bag look?  Leave me a comment and help me decide!

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18 and Life

So, my mom and I are talking and she tells me that since we bought a house she’s going to bring some of my things from high school that she has been storing.  She mentions “that picture of that lady with the words” and some other stuff.

Hmmmmmmm…that lady with the words?…

I would like to present Sebastian Bach from Skid Row (if you need a refresher, Skid Row wiki entry)18andlife This was a high school art project that somehow has survived for over 15 years, it is a little rumpled at the bottom and the edges have masking tape residue on them, that’s pretty good for some drawing paper and sharpie markers.  I spent some time looking for the original picture, I know I probably got it from Metal Edge, but I gave up after about 30 pages.

18andlife detail Yes, those are the words from all the songs on their self titled album.  There were some other interesting pieces in the collection that she brought me and I will be sharing more “finds” in the near future.  So, what was you favorite band in the late 80’s, early 90’s?

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I like to doodle in my sketchbook, mostly line drawings, that’s how the instant cemetery started. I was thinking that Crafterella sounds like a superhero name, so now I need a mask.

I doodled this up, this is a “rough” version. I think I need to make some more. Any mask is going to need sequins or rhinestones or glitter. I think one with fabulous eye make up would be nice, that way I don’t have to really wear any. I think I’ll need a cape too, like in that car commercial (the fine print says the cape isn’t included with the car purchase, if it was I would so buy that car). Yes, this is really how my mind works.

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I finished my first instant cemetery set, complete with four new tombstones. It seemed like it took forever to get everything cut out, but everything else went pretty fast.

This is one of the new drawings and my favorite, I am really excited how this one turned out, super creepy.

Photographing the cemetery was a little difficult because I wanted to show it lit by candles. I think they turned out good.

I always make a matching tin to store everything in. I just shrink everything down and decoupage it on to the tin and then finish it with a satin finish sealer. I tried something new this time, decoupaging is supposed to be done with laser copies because ink jet copies run when you put the modge podge on. Here in the sticks where I live there really isn’t anywhere to get a laser copy, so I used the satin sealer to seal the copies, it worked great there wasn’t any smudging!!!

I think I’m going to keep working on new drawings for these, maybe I can make enough to have several different sets.

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Halloween is my favorite holiday and so there is a lot of Halloween crafting at my house. I have quite a large collection of Halloween books and magazines, a few years ago I purchased this book, Halloween: A Grown-Up’s Guide to Creative Costumes, Devilish Decor & Fabulous Festivities by Joanne O’Sullivan.There are a lot of really great projects in this book, but my favorite was the instant cemeteries. I loved it the moment I saw it, but the instructions said to find clip art on the internet or in books and I just could not find anything I liked, so I decided to draw my own.

Here’s the cemetery I sent irasema for the Halloween ’07 swap (BTW thank you for taking such an awesome picture irasema!!!) These drawings were inspired by cemeteries that I’ve been to and pictures that I’ve seen. This is a set of eleven. I’ve decide to add a few more tombstones to the collection this year and so I have been looking at pictures online and from my collection.

Here are two that I completed last night, I still need to modify the sizes, but I think they will go well with the rest of the tombstones. Once I get all the drawing finished I mount them and put fold able stands on the backs and then I customize a recycle tin to store them in.

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