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You may remember a while back when I made decoupaged storage jars like Alexa from The Swell Life.  The first time I followed her instructions using random letters and numbers I cut from various magazines.  When I finished I wondered how it would look if I only used one color.  For my second try I used only red numbers and letters.  After finishing the red jar I wondered how using just one letter would look, can you see where I’m going with this?

I have to confess that I cheated and printed out all my letters.  K is a difficult letter to find and I wanted to use some of the fancy fonts I got from dafont.com (Thanks Lisa).  I picked a large variety of fonts and sizes.  I cut everything out and sorted them out by size.letter jar Ks I start by applying the large letters and filling in with the smaller ones.  Once I used up most of these I cut out my smaller letters, some of them were tiny.  I used them to fill in any tiny gaps or to break up space.letter jar k I really like how it turned out.  This is definitely a great project with many options and uses, I’m sure I’ll be making more of these…oooooh how about a theme like Halloween or roses or eyes, just when I thought I was done exploring the options of this project I get another idea!

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So after finishing my decoupage jar yesterday I started thinking about making an all red one and I just couldn’t stop (instructions here).  Last night at one in the morning I had amassed a good collection of red letters, numbers and symbols.letter jar letters

Red letters are pretty easy to find in almost any magazine.  I like the ones that are red with white or black, I tried not to use the ones on the right with the yellow and blue, but a few made it on to the jar.letter jar red

I like the look of just the red and that has now got me thinking about how using the same letter or number would be really interesting.  I think that I would have to cheat and print out my own letters (‘cause I would have to use a K) or get one of those clip art CDs, but it would still be neat, especially as a vase.  I’m going to have to work on this idea for a while, but I think I’m going to have to give it a shot.  Anyone know a good source for a variety of font letters?

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I finished my first instant cemetery set, complete with four new tombstones. It seemed like it took forever to get everything cut out, but everything else went pretty fast.

This is one of the new drawings and my favorite, I am really excited how this one turned out, super creepy.

Photographing the cemetery was a little difficult because I wanted to show it lit by candles. I think they turned out good.

I always make a matching tin to store everything in. I just shrink everything down and decoupage it on to the tin and then finish it with a satin finish sealer. I tried something new this time, decoupaging is supposed to be done with laser copies because ink jet copies run when you put the modge podge on. Here in the sticks where I live there really isn’t anywhere to get a laser copy, so I used the satin sealer to seal the copies, it worked great there wasn’t any smudging!!!

I think I’m going to keep working on new drawings for these, maybe I can make enough to have several different sets.

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I am a commercial pattern hoarder, I don’t know why, most of them have never been cut, anyway I am always buying new ones and storage is getting to be a bit of a problem. I guess in twenty years I’ll have a great vintage pattern collection. I bought some pattern storage boxes, but they were plain and uninteresting.

I’m not really the blue flower type, so I painted them white, I can’t have any of that pattern showing through. It took two coats of cheap acrylic craft paint, spray paint would also work, but it was a bit too cold for that.

I they started applying old pattern tissue with modge podge. I just randomly tore off pieces and slapped them on. I was careful to not add too many layers on the edges of the box.

After several layers of tissue I varnished the box and this is the finished box. Much better and it only took a few old patterns, I think this really improved them. It also made the boxes sturdier. I love modge podge.

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