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I was happy with my adult sized butterfly hat, but I still wanted to make one for Little Miss.  I went down to a G and whipped up a purple one and then I decided to go smaller.  I made the light blue one using an E hook.butterfly hat allI have to say that the variegated one seems a little busy now and the butterfly isn’t as noticeable.

butterfly hat blue

The blue one fits, but seems a little small and would always be falling off. butterfly hat purple

The purple one fits the best! and it seems to make her goofy, so it must be the perfect hat.

Once again I will have to say that this is a super cute and easy pattern, I’ll have to use some of my stash to make a few more of these for my craft show booths.

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Butterfly Hat

I found this darling pattern and decided it would be an adorable hat for Little Miss.  I started working on it last night and frogged the first one because it was waaaaaaay to big.  I went down to a H hook and started again.butterfly hat It turned out really cute, but it is still waaaaay to big for little miss although it fits me perfectly.  I must crochet really loose.  I will be trying this some more, switching hook sizes and maybe trying some different yarn.  Hats are so fun to make, quick and easy and not a lot of sizing options!

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I have been on a bit of a stash busting mission lately and instead of just making a couple of washcloths and then rolling to remaining yarn into balls and storing, I decided to knit until I ran out of yarn.wash cloth gift set I did make my washcloths smaller that usual, but really how big do you need your washcloth to be?  I was able to get two ballband washcloths, two circle cloths, two tawashi flowers and one scrubbie(a ravelry download).  I’m almost out of turquoise, just the tiniest bit left, less that 2 yards, I may try an eek one more scrubbie out of it so I can have a complete matched set!  I do have a bit of the red and white yarn from another project, I wish I knew how to make the bath puffs, but every pattern I’ve looked at seems to be written in some strange and foreign crochet language, I definitely need to work on my crochet pattern reading skills.

Now I just need to make a matching bucket organizer and I can save this set for a Christmas gift, I’ll just have to add some lotion and shower gel and it will be good to go!

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I found this adorable crochet pattern and just had to give it a try, especially when the instructions said you could whip one of these up in about ten minutes.flower tawashiI confess it took me a little longer than ten minutes, but I am not a crochet expert.   I used left over bits of cotton yarn and really a full ball would make a ton of these!  I think they’ll make good facial cleansing pads, yay for green products.

flower tawashi 2 I also have to share this little story about the yarn I used for these.  You know how once you tell your family and friends that you’ve started knitting or crocheting you inevitably end up with a garbage bag of red heart yarn?  At the bottom of my bag was this very interesting vintage 100% cotton terry cloth yarn that I have be attempting to use for years.  Terry cloth yarn seems like a good idea, but the texture of the yarn makes it impossible to frog anything (the picture does not do it justice), it just won’t come undone, but it’s cool.  I was able to use it by doubling it up with regular cotton and the result is awesome and super soft and spongy.  I will finally be using up all of this yarn for this project.

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I enjoyed making the swiffer sock so much that I decided to make a matching dusting mitt.  Although I’m not above using my swiffer on the top of the entertainment center, I thought this might be a better idea.

frilly duster 2 I used the swiffer sock pattern and just made it a good length for my hand.  I single crocheted around the edge and then made rows of double crochet across the back making a long rectangle.  Then I just stitched the sides up and ta-da a dusting mitt to match my swiffer!

frilly duster 1I have to confess that my house is actually a huge mess, I’ve been spending to much time making cleaning accessories to do any real cleaning.

Tomorrow I will be unveiling my entry for Christy’s Craft Challenge there are some really great entries in the gallery on flickr already.  It has been really fun working on this, using stuff I normally wouldn’t have put together.

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I was browsing OnePrettyThing this week looking for new projects to try when I came across this tutorial on CraftStylish for a Crocheted Swiffer sock.  I was so excited by the picture of the dirty sock I just had to make one of my own.  The shag like texture is amazing, I wish I could make an entire rug out of this stuff!

swiffer sock I am sort of a novice at crochet, so I opted to use one color of yarn.  I have an unnatural obsession with variegated acrylic yarn and I just had to get this blue and brown red heart yarn (earth and sky).  The pattern was very easy to follow and I had no trouble whipping this up in an afternoon.  There are even pictures of the different steps, and you know how much I like picture tutorials!

swiffer sock2It fits snugly, without being difficult to put on.  I have enough yarn to make another one to use while this one is in the wash.  I don’t know about you, but I have enough acrylic yarn to make a couple of these for everyone I know and still have enough left over for a rainbow afghan!  Who knew I would get so excited about making things for cleaning.

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I finished up the remaining front panel and crocheted around that and the back piece today. I am so excited to have finished this. I still want to add some embellishments around the bottom, but I will have to shop for the perfect thing. Tiffany (The art of can tabistry) did send some little bells along with the pattern for the vest, but I think I need some chain or other dangly bits.

This shows the finished pieces, it would be hard to guess what they were if you didn’t already know.
Here’s the front, I still need to make one of Tiffany’s ornamental flowers for the front. It really frames the girls, doesn’t it?
The way the sides are shaped really gives a contoured fit.
And finally, the back. It is really amazing to me how comfortable this is to wear. The fabric is stretchy, so it adjusts itself. I bought this dress specifically to wear with this vest, I am so excited to wear this out, maybe I’ll wear it to our etsy team meeting.

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I have finished weaving the back piece together, it’s just missing its lacing tabs and the crocheted edging.

The crocheted edging really ties the whole piece together and makes it looked more finished.
I have also been working on some strips for a different style of pop tab purse. I’m going to make a lot of these strips and then sew them together to make a clutch purse. I have also been experimenting with a “flower” for the front of the vest.
Yesterday I met my friend Lisa (Chimera Crochet) to shop for supplies for knitting and sewing projects. We wore ourselves out at Joann’s, going from one end of the store to the other several times trying to match up fabrics and yarn and didn’t buy a thing! We then finished up at Hobby Lobby where we found exactly what we needed!
One of the things we got was this yarn, I love the color of this yarn!!! (I love this yarn, old leaf, if you’d like some for yourself). Right now it’s just a strip of stocking knit stitch, when it gets more interesting I’ll be sure to share some photos.

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I got so busy with my latest project that I forgot to blog yesterday! I started working on the Turkish vest pattern that Tiffany sent me in our personal swap.

I made the first piece using fleece(the one on the left), it made a very sturdy fabric with good stretch, but I wanted to showcase the tabs more, so I decided to try using knit fabric. I liked the look of the knit fabric better, but the fabric is weaker.
I crocheted an edging around the whole piece to give it a more finished look. Today I will be making the other two pieces, now that I’ve got the technique down it should go pretty fast.
I’m not sure where I will be wearing this,(so if you see me at the grocery store in this you know why,) but I just had to have one. I could probably use it for a Halloween costume.

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While wondering around the internet I found this adorable pattern for a candy cane cozy on zakka life blog, (it is a great blog and there are a lot of inspiring projects, check it out). I am also anti-candy cane and right now, as I type, two little children are begging for candy canes that I bought to fill up my own cozies.
I love the idea of keeping track of the candy canes on the tree and this is a very quick project. I used some leftover cotton and crocheted a chain for it to hang on instead of a ribbon. Mine still needs some sort of embellishment on the end (maybe a pom pom), but they will look great on my packages this year!

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