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I love the way fabric softener makes my clothes feel and smell, but what I don’t love is the price!  I have seen several different versions of making your own dryer sheet and basically the instructions are make a cloth napkin and dip it into vinegar and throw it in with your clothes, but where oh where is the good smell?  I found this recipe (unfortunately I don’t remember the link) and knew it would be perfect.

2 c. water

1 c. vinegar

2/3 c. any hair conditioner – I used suave cucumber melon splash

Mix by stirring, (I used a whisk and it worked great!) not shaking.  Soak a rag in liquid, ring out until slightly damp and add to the dryer with your clothes.homemade dryer sheetsI put mine into an empty country crock container (as you can see from this exciting picture), but anything with a lid will do.  It looks just like the store bought stuff and it smells great and I plan on using an old washcloth for my “dryer sheet”.  I spent a dollar for the conditioner and I had the vinegar on hand, so this was a pretty frugal mix. 

I’m off to do some laundry and see how well it works, very soon I will be making my own liquid laundry soap, so stay tuned!


The consistency of the mix reminded me of liquid fabric softener and so I tried using some in my “Downy” ball and it was awesome!  I will be using this more like liquid softener instead of like a dryer sheet.

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I enjoyed making the swiffer sock so much that I decided to make a matching dusting mitt.  Although I’m not above using my swiffer on the top of the entertainment center, I thought this might be a better idea.

frilly duster 2 I used the swiffer sock pattern and just made it a good length for my hand.  I single crocheted around the edge and then made rows of double crochet across the back making a long rectangle.  Then I just stitched the sides up and ta-da a dusting mitt to match my swiffer!

frilly duster 1I have to confess that my house is actually a huge mess, I’ve been spending to much time making cleaning accessories to do any real cleaning.

Tomorrow I will be unveiling my entry for Christy’s Craft Challenge there are some really great entries in the gallery on flickr already.  It has been really fun working on this, using stuff I normally wouldn’t have put together.

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I knew it was time to clean my pasta machine when I saw this, a smear of purple on my turquoise pendant.
I was able to sand the purple off, but it was a lesson learned. Taking apart a pasta machine is the easy part, you can see the whole process in pictures here.
I know that it is hard to see, but if you look closely you’ll see the layers of clay on my scrapers. This was easily wiped off and my machine was clean! Putting it back together was a little difficult, but eventually I got it and now my machine is good as new. I can’t wait to make some more mokume gane.

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Today I had the whole afternoon to myself, so I cleaned my crafty lair. I am lucky enough to have the entire second floor for all of my crafting. This is the room where I do all the crafting, across the hall there is another room that I have the majority of my fabric stash in and a spare bed, I have thought about sleeping up here many nights. I have to say it was a bit overdue, as you can see.I spent quite a while (three hours) putting everything back into its proper spot. Can you believe there is a table in here? My husband came up to check it out before I swept and asked it a sequin tsunami had been through, the floor looked like a sequin carpet.Now that was an afternoon well spent! I am so excited to have it clean, so I can mess it up again. I wonder what I should do first.

Here’s my nice clean table top. By the way I found this solid wood table on the curb when they had city wide clean up a couple years ago. The table wouldn’t close all the way and there was a filthy piece of linoleum on the top to cover the gap. After peeling the linoleum off and tightening a screw it worked perfect, it even came with that great red orange finish on the top. City wide clean up is my favorite time of year, everyone in town puts their junk out on the curb and the city hauls it away for free, but normally we all drive around picking stuff we want and hauling it home.

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