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When I looked at this months supplies all I could think about was a purse!  I know that a paper purse is not the sturdiest of things, but this one seems pretty strong.craft challenge may 3I used the clear contact paper to reinforce the papers, adding a sheet to both sides.  When I finished weaving the strips together I added another piece to the back side and then basted everything onto the fabric.craft challenge may 2The floral wire became the beaded handles that I attached to the purse using ribbon clips.  The buttons make up a small decoration and the flowers became a removable, beaded pin.

Once again, I had a lot of fun working on this and I look forward to seeing the rest of the entries.  If you would like to give it a try, get your packet here and to see all the entries check out the flickr group!

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Last month I was awarded a free month of the Craft Challenge, my packet arrived one week ago and the brain storming began.craft challenge may packetThe packet contained a 12” x 12” floral print paper, five blue fabric squares, four flower buttons, two artificial flowers with leaves, and two pieces of green floral wire.

I added clear contact paper, mixed plastic beads, ribbon ends, a 12” x 12” paisley print paper, and thread.  Here is a sneak peek:craft challenge may 1It’s turning out exactly like I planned, anyone want to guess what I’m making?

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I have been working on my entry for Christy’s Craft Challenge for a few weeks and I am finally finished. The first thing I did with my packet was to take the cloths pins apart. I was hoping to use the spring wire too, but it proved to difficult to bend and when I drew blood that was the end of it. After trying several different configurations I noticed that placing them backward resembled a goddess figure.

I used polymer clay to accent that and then began twisting strings from the burlap around knitting needles to make curly hair. Cereal boxes became the shrine box. I cut one inch strips and glued them together in a stack that I molded around a can and let dry. Once dry they retained the curve. I covered the inside of the box with the felt and painted the outside green. I embellished the edge by adding seed beads and vintage flower beads. I also added burlap to the outer arch for some texture. craft challenge 7The punched circles became mini works of art for the background of the shrine and rhinestones were added for that extra sparkle. The other cloths pin was cut to make little feet for the bottom of the shrine.craft challenge 6

I would have to say that my favorite part is the Goddess figure. I had a great time with this Challenge and I’m sure I will try it again. The prize for next month is a basket of stuff from the Lincoln Handmade Team, so order your packet now and maybe you’ll win some of our awesome stuff!!!

***BTW semifinals voting goes until April 24th at 5:00 pm go here to cast your vote.***

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I enjoyed making the swiffer sock so much that I decided to make a matching dusting mitt.  Although I’m not above using my swiffer on the top of the entertainment center, I thought this might be a better idea.

frilly duster 2 I used the swiffer sock pattern and just made it a good length for my hand.  I single crocheted around the edge and then made rows of double crochet across the back making a long rectangle.  Then I just stitched the sides up and ta-da a dusting mitt to match my swiffer!

frilly duster 1I have to confess that my house is actually a huge mess, I’ve been spending to much time making cleaning accessories to do any real cleaning.

Tomorrow I will be unveiling my entry for Christy’s Craft Challenge there are some really great entries in the gallery on flickr already.  It has been really fun working on this, using stuff I normally wouldn’t have put together.

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After I looked at my enormous bead stash I decided to use these lovely vintage flower beads instead of the flower shrinky dinks that I had made for my entry in Christy’s craft challenge.  They just didn’t have the right look for this project.

craft challenge 5 I have used up most of the green felt and now I just need to decide how to use the green circles and the burlap, I know what I’m going to do with the rhinestones.  I really want to use as much of the stuff provided in the kit as possible.  I also need to beef up the bottom of the niche, it looks a little warped.  I may need to make a run to the Dollar Tree to pick up a couple or things, I would like to just use up stash for this, but we’ll see.  I’m hoping to finish this up this weekend so I can get it posted in the gallery before the deadline.

I also added a few new polymer clay pendants to my etsy store today, including the Balinese Filigree pendant from yesterdays post.

BTW Christy, I want an award for mentioning this a lot 😉

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I hate waiting for glue to dry! I am working on my entry for Christy’s craft challenge and I have several things that need to be done, but the glue is drying so slowly.

I started out with four strips of cereal boxes, I then glued and stacked them and let them dry shaped around a can to get a nice arch. I cut a back piece out of another box and I’m using pins to hold the parts of the boxes together while they dry, the pin holes will be covered once everything is dry.

I have finished one of the clothespins, but I’m not sharing a photo until the project is finished and I have all my materials gathered for finishing. My theme for this project is spring and abundance, can anyone guess what I’m making?

I guess I’ll work on my shrinky dinks. Did you know that clear plastic deli containers are the same plastic that shrinky dinks are made from?, I’ll never have to buy them again, instead I can buy cookies 🙂

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I just finished this little dishcloth using this circle cloth pattern. It looks more like a honeycomb to me, but whatever :).I made mine a little smaller and added a crocheted border. I used sugar n’ cream hot blue and peaches and cream peppermint yarn. I don’t know what it is about dishcloths, but I love to make them! I guess it’s instant gratification and a good way to try new patterns.

And for those of you on the edge of your seats waiting to see what I’m making for Christy’s craft challenge here’s a little peek.
This is part of the burlap and one of the clothes pins being glued.

As promised, here’s a cereal box being mutilated, I’m going to do some gluing later and maybe some shrinky dinks.

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After hearing how much fun my teams members were having I decided to join Christy’s Craft Challenge. Christy gave me my packet at out Lincoln Handmade Team meeting. I can make anything I want, as long as I use a little bit of everything in the packet.
Thank you Christy (I stole her picture of what was in the packet). I like the green a lot, very springy and I have been working on ideas all weekend. My clothespins are already dismantled and I am looking through my stash for more green items like beads, embroidery floss, and glitter. I also need some cardboard, so I imagine that all my cereal will soon just be in bags 😉 I’m going to be working on this all week, so I’ll keep you posted!

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