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It is the peak of yard sale season here and today I really scored at the American Lutheran Church Rummage sale! I found two vintage floral comforters for $2.00 each, I think that they will make great bags. They are in the washing machine right now and will spend tomorrow hanging on the clothes line and hopefully that will freshen them up a bit. The floral fabric is on both sides so I will have plenty of fabric to work with.

This vintage apron complete with rick rack trim, it is to small for me, as most vintage aprons are, but it will make a great addition to my collection and it was a steal for $1.00. This is not the best picture, it is a really cute apron and after being washed and pressed it will be good as new.

Here are the rest of my finds: a heart shaped tin $.10 that will be covered with polymer clay, a wire art kit for $.75 the copper wire will be fun to play with, a watch for $.25 which will be taken apart for the gears, and a purse for $.25 that I’m planning on taking apart for the hardware and handles.

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When my great-grandmother passed away my mother was lucky enough to get some of her everyday aprons, which she has loaned to me to admire and copy. This half apron really caught my eye, it reminds me of a smiley face.

Since it is only a half apron I thought it would be a good one to start with.

I made a practice one with an old sheet and some random bias tape. I had added some width to the original apron and I ended up having to take it in.

This is my first finished apron, it still needs some tweaking(it is still a bit wide and I have not decided what sort of pockets I’m going to add).

Here’s a detail of the tie and waistband, I made the ties wider than the band and then gathered them to fit. I like the bow in the back to be kind of poofy.

And here’s a detail of the ruffle and the bias binding. I made my own bias tape for the first time and I think it turned out really nice. I may add a large pocket across the center in the striped fabric and some bows at the top of the ruffle. I will be photographing some of the others aprons soon, I just need to find a model, my great-grandmother was a very petite woman and I just don’t do them justice.

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I think that I have crafting ADD, I have to work on about four projects at a time to stay interested in all of them. I have been busy, busy, busy in the clean crafty lair and thought I would share what I was working on.

This is an almost finished ear flap hat for my husband. I have almost finished my striped shrug and I will be sharing that soon.
These are neckties that have been sewn together that will become an obi belt or two. My Mother gave me a box of neckties from her stash and I picked out all the ones with brown in them to use for this project.
And this is my prototype/copy of a vintage apron that belonged to my great-grandmother. It is the cutest half apron I have ever seen. I has a build in ruffle and it will have pockets above the bias tape.

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