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I have been wanting to make these little holders for a while.  I see all sorts of “fancy” gift card holders in the stores, but I am hesitant to spend few extra dollars for them, a lot of times they go straight into the trash.  Hopefully these will be cute enough to be reused, they would be great for storing essential cards and cash in a small purse or for holding business cards.  The tutorial and pattern can be found at the RePlayGround.card holders 1

I used a variety of boxes from our recycling, mini nilla wafers, cake mix, and cheddar bunnies (my favorite one and really good snack too!)  I used self adhesive Velcro dots and glued the side flaps in place instead of using the elastic cord.  card holders 2

Then I decided to cover a box with fabric.  Some spray adhesive and a fabric scrap made this spotted one.  Unfortunately the printing on the box shows through the fabric, next time I’ll use darker fabric!  I bet scrapbook paper would work good too!  Now I just need some gift cards to fill them with!

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