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I finished all of the projects for Lisa and delivered them to her at the Lnkhandmade team craft night earlier tonight.  I repaired the zipper in this dress and added a tulle ruffle to the bottom.  I also made this wrap to go with it.

project lisa finished I really like how the outfit for her daughter turned out.  The summerlin dress in a shinier yarn with a crepe backed satin skirt and a matching shrug with a matching satin tie.

project lisa finished 2I am worried that it might be to long, but I also think it will look a lot different on an actual child instead of a hanger.  It can be shortened, so I’m not worried.

I need to wrap up my entry for Christy’s craft challenge and find a place to keep all the awesome fabric I got at the meeting tonight.

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I was browsing OnePrettyThing this week looking for new projects to try when I came across this tutorial on CraftStylish for a Crocheted Swiffer sock.  I was so excited by the picture of the dirty sock I just had to make one of my own.  The shag like texture is amazing, I wish I could make an entire rug out of this stuff!

swiffer sock I am sort of a novice at crochet, so I opted to use one color of yarn.  I have an unnatural obsession with variegated acrylic yarn and I just had to get this blue and brown red heart yarn (earth and sky).  The pattern was very easy to follow and I had no trouble whipping this up in an afternoon.  There are even pictures of the different steps, and you know how much I like picture tutorials!

swiffer sock2It fits snugly, without being difficult to put on.  I have enough yarn to make another one to use while this one is in the wash.  I don’t know about you, but I have enough acrylic yarn to make a couple of these for everyone I know and still have enough left over for a rainbow afghan!  Who knew I would get so excited about making things for cleaning.

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I remember making styrofoam stamps when I was in high school. Living in a small town made it difficult to get art supplies like linoleum blocks, cutters and printing ink. I came up with a lot of interesting projects; beads made from bread, sculptures out of mud, and styrofoam stamps.

I use meat trays, they actually aren’t that common anymore, now most meat comes in plastic trays (yay, they’re recyclable and great for craft projects!) This is a great project for kids, just leave out the exacto knife and it’s pretty safe, just cutting with scissors and a dull pencil.

styrofoam stamps 1This came with the delicious Italian sausage that became a spaghetti pie. You can also use to go boxes. Make sure to wash the styrofoam before you get started. Cut the edges off, so you have a nice flat piece to work with. I used and exacto knife, but regular scissors also work.

styrofoam stamps 2 I cut mine into smaller pieces, yours can be any size you want. The great thing about this project is that almost any tool can be used to make marks on the styrofoam. I used a dull pencil, but you could use a pen, a popsicle stick, a ball stylus, your fingernail, anything!!!styrofoam stamps 3 I used an ink pad to make the stamps (note to self, get another color of ink). The great thing about these stamps is you can also make a rubbing of them using printer paper and a crayon, the kids love this, it’s magic!

styrofoam stamps 4The texture of the styrofoam can be seen in the print. I like the effect, it looks like stippling or even a mono print. My favorite part about this project is that it is free, I would have bought the sausage regardless and now the tray won’t go to the landfill. BTW if you like this project you should try eraser stamps next.

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After I looked at my enormous bead stash I decided to use these lovely vintage flower beads instead of the flower shrinky dinks that I had made for my entry in Christy’s craft challenge.  They just didn’t have the right look for this project.

craft challenge 5 I have used up most of the green felt and now I just need to decide how to use the green circles and the burlap, I know what I’m going to do with the rhinestones.  I really want to use as much of the stuff provided in the kit as possible.  I also need to beef up the bottom of the niche, it looks a little warped.  I may need to make a run to the Dollar Tree to pick up a couple or things, I would like to just use up stash for this, but we’ll see.  I’m hoping to finish this up this weekend so I can get it posted in the gallery before the deadline.

I also added a few new polymer clay pendants to my etsy store today, including the Balinese Filigree pendant from yesterdays post.

BTW Christy, I want an award for mentioning this a lot 😉

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I had so much fun making a filigree donut for my swap partner in the bargain hunter swap that I decided to make another one.  I planned ahead for this one by covering a base when I made the violet mokume gane.

balinese filigree before baking

Having a base of clay to work on made the process go a little faster, it also made the pendant a little thicker.balinese filigree after baking

I like how it looks when all the snakes are applied, but it really starts to pop when the texture is added.balinese filigree finishedBaking the clay makes it a little darker.  I don’t usually do any sanding on filigree, just a good buffing with the dremel to give it a nice satin finish.  All it needs now is a gold bail and it’s ready to go!

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For this project you will need to buy a box of cookies in a deli container, I know it will be a sacrifice, but it’s for crafts :-). On the bottom of the container there is a recycling symbol, make sure there is a #6 in the center. You can use the entire container, but I usually just save the flat parts(we eat a lot of cookies). I find them easier to store and flat is better for detail work. I lightly sand the plastic using a sanding sponge(regular sand paper works too), whatever grit you have handy is fine, and wipe off the dust. The sanding makes the marker or pencil stick better.
I used a sharpie marker to draw my designs. I have also used stamps. Make sure to give the ink a few minutes to dry.
Then cut out all of the shapes. I also used a 1/4″ hole punch to make holes in the center of each flower. I did not color this batch before baking, but you can color your batch at this point using colored pencils or markers. Remember that the colors will intensify when they shrink.
I put them into my toaster oven at 350, it only takes a few minutes for them to start curling up and shrinking. Once they have flattened out again they are done. This batch was a little wavy and so when I took them out of the oven I smooshed them with a phone book.I used sharpie markers to color them and they are finished. I made these to use in Christy’s craft challenge, but they weren’t quite right. I will store them away with my other beads to be used in some future project.

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I hate waiting for glue to dry! I am working on my entry for Christy’s craft challenge and I have several things that need to be done, but the glue is drying so slowly.

I started out with four strips of cereal boxes, I then glued and stacked them and let them dry shaped around a can to get a nice arch. I cut a back piece out of another box and I’m using pins to hold the parts of the boxes together while they dry, the pin holes will be covered once everything is dry.

I have finished one of the clothespins, but I’m not sharing a photo until the project is finished and I have all my materials gathered for finishing. My theme for this project is spring and abundance, can anyone guess what I’m making?

I guess I’ll work on my shrinky dinks. Did you know that clear plastic deli containers are the same plastic that shrinky dinks are made from?, I’ll never have to buy them again, instead I can buy cookies 🙂

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