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For this project you will need to buy a box of cookies in a deli container, I know it will be a sacrifice, but it’s for crafts :-). On the bottom of the container there is a recycling symbol, make sure there is a #6 in the center. You can use the entire container, but I usually just save the flat parts(we eat a lot of cookies). I find them easier to store and flat is better for detail work. I lightly sand the plastic using a sanding sponge(regular sand paper works too), whatever grit you have handy is fine, and wipe off the dust. The sanding makes the marker or pencil stick better.
I used a sharpie marker to draw my designs. I have also used stamps. Make sure to give the ink a few minutes to dry.
Then cut out all of the shapes. I also used a 1/4″ hole punch to make holes in the center of each flower. I did not color this batch before baking, but you can color your batch at this point using colored pencils or markers. Remember that the colors will intensify when they shrink.
I put them into my toaster oven at 350, it only takes a few minutes for them to start curling up and shrinking. Once they have flattened out again they are done. This batch was a little wavy and so when I took them out of the oven I smooshed them with a phone book.I used sharpie markers to color them and they are finished. I made these to use in Christy’s craft challenge, but they weren’t quite right. I will store them away with my other beads to be used in some future project.

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