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I think that knitted dishcloths and washcloths are a luxury, it’s funny how they used to be practical and now we just buy them in sets to match our towels. I like to knit them up once in a while for myself or to save for gifts, everyone I’ve given them to loves them.
I am always looking for interesting patterns to try and I have seen the ball band dishcloth everywhere and thought it would be complicated to knit, boy was I wrong!
I knitted this up in an evening while watching TV. The pattern gives the cloth great texture and, I imagine, scrubbing power. I decided to add a crocheted edging, but I think I used to large of a hook and it came out rippled, so I am going to go back and redo it, but I was excited to share. Now I need to make one with the variegated black for the background and red for the bands! The pattern is on the peaches and cream label or here if you would like to try it for yourself.

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