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I used 1/2″ seam allowances one everything to make everything nice and even. I think that you could get by with 1 2/3 yards of fabric if you seamed together the scraps to cut the bottom circle or use another fabric, who’s going to see the inside bottom anyway?Press the tops of all the pockets down 1/2″ and stitch 1/4″ from top.

Place crochet pocket and knitting pocket 3 1/2″ from the bottom of outside lining (see drawing), sew at 3″, press pockets up. Baste pockets to lining along sides. Sew lines from bottom of pockets to top about 1″ apart, (I used the width of my ruler to mark the lines). Pull threads to inside, tie off and trim.

Turn sides under 1/2″ press and sew 1/4″ from edge. Turn bottom edge under 1/2″ and sew/zigzag close to raw edge to for a casing.

Place 1 inside pocket 3 1/2″ from bottom of inside lining, sew at 3″, press pocket up. Align other pocket with bottom of inside lining, baste both pocket sides and bottom to lining. Sew dividing lines in pockets, I sewed a line in the center and then 1 line on the center of each half making 8 pockets.

On other inside lining sew elastic or ribbon to hold yarn caddies. Sew inside lining pieces together at sides.

Gather bottom edge of inside lining and pin to bottom circle adjusting gathers to fit, sew.

Gather top edge of outside pocket slightly (like easing a sleeve) pin to top of inside lining, butting edges together, sew, press seam toward inside liner. Put into bucket.

Thread string or yarn through casing on bottom of outside lining, pull tight and tie. Fill it up and you’re done.

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