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I spent last night sanding and buffing the pendants I showed you yesterday.I love how this balinese filigree donut turned out and I am already planning to make more, I just need to decide what colors to use. I normally just loop cord through these and add some clasps, but for this one I’ll be gluing a silver bail to the back, I didn’t want any of the filigree to be covered by cording.
Here’s a better shot of the bullseye and marbled sets. I was thinking of putting the heart and the rectangles together into one necklace, but I think they will look better separately.
I used my new embossing sheets to make the pink ones. I really like the effect of the lacy pattern and the pearl clay really accents the pattern, but the design seems kind of large for these pieces, it would probably look nicer on a tin (Maybe it’s just me). This was a fun little project that kept me busy for a day and it was nice to try some new techniques, I even managed to sand up a couple of new pieces for my etsy store.

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Today I worked on polymer clay pendants for a friend. I made one balinese filligree donut (which is my favorite), a bullseye set, a lacy embossed set, and some extra marbled pieces. I used three colors purple, fuchsia, and pink pearl.
Please excuse the picture quality, an overcast day with flurescent lighting doesn’t make the best photos 😉 I still have to bake and sand them, but that’s the easy part. Once they’re finished I’ll get the light box out to photograph them properly.

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I received my package from MsMia today for the Bargain Hunter #6 swap on Craftster today.

First she crocheted me a capelet. I reminds me of a spiderweb when it’s on, it’s very lacy.
An Embroidery kit that is almost finished, see weird white shape on lower left, but the floss needed is in the envelopes.
Two cotton sweaters, an eyelash scarf, a butterfly hand puppet, 2 skeins of eyelash yarn, a belt with a great buckle, scrap booking chipboard pieces, a pillowcase, 2 plaid place mats, and 4 patterns. There were also some chocolate covered fortune cookies, but they have been carefully hidden away from the children.
And this is Pandora wearing the eyelash scarf (it’s a tube scarf), we think she looks like a wookie :).
I have not sent her package yet, the last day to send it Monday, so that is what I will be working on this weekend. I actually still have some money to spend!

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The Summerlin Dress pattern was just to cute for me to resist! Knitting and sewing in one pattern and quick to make too!!! I love this pattern and could make a million of them, I wish that there was one in my size.
This knitted up very quickly and was super easy. I had some cotton ease yarn on hand from a frogged project and this cute vintage pillowcase from a yard sale, so this was a great stash busting project. I have enough yarn left over to make a little shrug or sweater to go over it if I find the right pattern.I still need to prewash everything and attach the skirt, but that should be easy enough. Action shots coming soon.

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My four year old son has taken an interest in plants and growing them and so we needed a garden. We live in a very “cozy” two bedroom apartment and it is February, so I did some research and found this self watering planter from 2 liter bottles. The only things I needed to get to make this was soil and seeds, for a total cost of about $10 we could have a nice little indoor garden.

Cutting the bottles was easy with the use of an exacto knife and fascinating to my son, who admired the “good cutter”.
Drilling the holes with the dremel and putting the string was probably his favorite part. He really liked looking through the little holes we made in the caps.
The one in the center is ready for planting (for this photo shoot anyway) and the rest are draining from the soil saturation part of this project. I need to get some goo gone to get that bit of glue and label off the greenhouse part. We will be planting a selection of herbs and flowers tomorrow and I’m excited to see how they will grow. We will also be planting some beans in cups for a quicker result, the patience of a four year old is short.
I think that we will probably paint some paper sleeves for the bottoms of the bottles to make them pretty and we will also need some stakes to label our garden.

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I finished my set of ball band dishcloths. I did rip out the original crochet edging and redid it using a smaller hook and I am satisfied with how they look now.My husband and I have been debating on which one we like best, I like the red in the background and he likes the other one. Now I need to look through my stash and see what other cotton yarn I have and what color combos I can try. I used up all but a tiny bit of the red to make both of these, so it is definitely a good stash buster.

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I think that knitted dishcloths and washcloths are a luxury, it’s funny how they used to be practical and now we just buy them in sets to match our towels. I like to knit them up once in a while for myself or to save for gifts, everyone I’ve given them to loves them.
I am always looking for interesting patterns to try and I have seen the ball band dishcloth everywhere and thought it would be complicated to knit, boy was I wrong!
I knitted this up in an evening while watching TV. The pattern gives the cloth great texture and, I imagine, scrubbing power. I decided to add a crocheted edging, but I think I used to large of a hook and it came out rippled, so I am going to go back and redo it, but I was excited to share. Now I need to make one with the variegated black for the background and red for the bands! The pattern is on the peaches and cream label or here if you would like to try it for yourself.

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I used 1/2″ seam allowances one everything to make everything nice and even. I think that you could get by with 1 2/3 yards of fabric if you seamed together the scraps to cut the bottom circle or use another fabric, who’s going to see the inside bottom anyway?Press the tops of all the pockets down 1/2″ and stitch 1/4″ from top.

Place crochet pocket and knitting pocket 3 1/2″ from the bottom of outside lining (see drawing), sew at 3″, press pockets up. Baste pockets to lining along sides. Sew lines from bottom of pockets to top about 1″ apart, (I used the width of my ruler to mark the lines). Pull threads to inside, tie off and trim.

Turn sides under 1/2″ press and sew 1/4″ from edge. Turn bottom edge under 1/2″ and sew/zigzag close to raw edge to for a casing.

Place 1 inside pocket 3 1/2″ from bottom of inside lining, sew at 3″, press pocket up. Align other pocket with bottom of inside lining, baste both pocket sides and bottom to lining. Sew dividing lines in pockets, I sewed a line in the center and then 1 line on the center of each half making 8 pockets.

On other inside lining sew elastic or ribbon to hold yarn caddies. Sew inside lining pieces together at sides.

Gather bottom edge of inside lining and pin to bottom circle adjusting gathers to fit, sew.

Gather top edge of outside pocket slightly (like easing a sleeve) pin to top of inside lining, butting edges together, sew, press seam toward inside liner. Put into bucket.

Thread string or yarn through casing on bottom of outside lining, pull tight and tie. Fill it up and you’re done.

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I happily sewed all last evening and this afternoon and this is the result.
I used McCalls #5626 View A with the length of C. I really like this pattern, it is loose and flowing without looking like a tent. I think that all of the different lengths are great and that the details that can be added to the yoke make this a pattern that can be made again and again without being boring. The only problem that I had was getting the yoke attached to the dress front, but with a little fiddling I got it.
I know that it is hard to see, but there is are ties under the bust to give it shape. This fabric is like camouflage for itself! I normally do a bust cup adjustment on commercial patterns, but I thought there was enough ease to get by without one. I think that it would look/lay better if I had made that adjustment, but I will still wear this, I’ll just need a good minimizing bra :).

I hope that you can see the ties in this one and also how close fitting the bust is. I also thought I should share this “out take” to give you a better idea of the chaos that is really going on here at my house and maybe explain why I look a little worn out on some of these photos.

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I bought this “lovely” caftan at a yard sale last fall for a dollar or two, I can’t remember. What I do remember is that everything in the whole house was for sale and I got a lot of great bargains that day.
I really like the fabric and there was so much of it I knew I would find something to make with it. Today I began taking it apart, it seems to be cotton (I know, I was surprised too!). I cut the front and the back apart, ripped out the hem, and took out the zipper. I have started cutting and expect to finish that later today, hopefully tomorrow the sewing will begin. Stay tuned, more to come (hopefully tomorrow).

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