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This year I decided that instead of spending $20 plus per outfit for my children for a Christmas outfit that would maybe be worn a couple of times and for pictures was a complete waste. I thought Christmas pajamas would be cute and practical, (they do wear pajamas daily). I used Simplicity pattern #9853 view c to make these one piece jammies. I was looking for fleece fabric in blue with some snowflakes, but when I saw this candy cane striped fabric I knew that it was perfect! I made them a size to big, so they could wear them for a couple of years. I like how they turned out and the pattern was fairly easy to sew. I did not like the instructions for installing the zipper and I will do that differently when I make this pattern again.

Every year I make Christmas picture ornaments for the grandparents. I like to find a different kind each year and this year they will be heart shaped (if you want to make your own I found my ornament frames here). I normally have these made up and give them for Christmas gifts, but this year I am behind and so everyone will be getting a post Christmas gift ornament.

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Knitted Swiffer Cover

I know that everyone is doing it, so here’s my version of the reusable swiffer cover. It is knit in garter stitch and whip stitched together.

I used acrylic yarn for this one, I need something durable and abrasive for those random splats. I think that I will also make a cotton one that is more for dusting. This knitted up quickly while I watched TV and the kids napped and I’m excited that I won’t have to buy and throw away all those swiffer cloths!

Oh, I did finish those pajamas, but more about those later…

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Chair Pile

I thought I would share what happened when I was busy for about 10 minutes and my children were “quiet”.

Yes, that is almost every stuffed animal, pillow, and baby doll they could find.

My daughter was buried and had to be pulled from the pile and my son wanted to build it higher and slide down it.

Happy Holidays everyone, and yes I still need to finish those pajamas.

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I recently purchased some glass pearls from someone online to make more of my tree of life ornaments. The ones that I specifically needed were grey, but while I was ordering I decided to order some black ones. They arrived and the black pearls were not what I expected, I expected a “pearl” finish and these were just glass beads painted black, but I am going to use them!!! I present my Poison Tree Ornament.

Inspired by the poem A Poison Tree by William Blake

I was angry with my friend:
I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe:
I told it not, my wrath did grow.

And I watered it in fears,
Night and morning with my tears;
And I sunned it with smiles,
And with soft deceitful wiles.

And it grew both day and night,
Till it bore an apple bright.
And my foe beheld it shine.
And he knew that it was mine,

And into my garden stole
When the night had veiled the pole;
In the morning glad I see
My foe outstretched beneath the tree.
I also made a lovely breast cancer awareness tree of life ornament for my mother for Christmas. I think that she will really like it, she has been hinting that she wanted one of the icy tree of life ornaments and when I saw these rose quartz chips in the store I decided they would be perfect for her.

I guess Christmas is getting pretty close, I should probably make those pajamas next…

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Finished Cowl

I finished knitting the cowl for my father in law yesterday. I like how it turned out and he will hopefully like it too! It’s knit in 4 X 4 rib (120 stitches) on size US 9 needles, using Louisa Harding Mulberry 100% silk yarn. (Ahhhh, nothing showcases a finished knitting project better than blurry photo taken in the bathroom mirror!)
And since I was in the mood to take unflattering pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror, here’s a shot of me modeling the town and country capelet. I really like where the bottom hits, it’s at my thinnest spot, and once I put on a coordinating shirt underneath it will look great.Yesterday I ordered some new e-patterns on etsy (one for felt play food and one for a pillowcase apron) and I am excited to get sewing on those, but first I have to finish some Christmas presents and maybe do some wrapping.

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While wondering around the internet I found this adorable pattern for a candy cane cozy on zakka life blog, (it is a great blog and there are a lot of inspiring projects, check it out). I am also anti-candy cane and right now, as I type, two little children are begging for candy canes that I bought to fill up my own cozies.
I love the idea of keeping track of the candy canes on the tree and this is a very quick project. I used some leftover cotton and crocheted a chain for it to hang on instead of a ribbon. Mine still needs some sort of embellishment on the end (maybe a pom pom), but they will look great on my packages this year!

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…and mid November turned into mid December. We got moved in and the task of making everything fit has been a challenge. Half of our stuff is in storage and it seems like everything that I want to do involves a trip to the storage unit. I also managed to lose my pasta machine that I use to make all of my mokume gane ornaments. I have looked everywhere for that thing!!! I finally just broke down and bought another one, thank you hobby lobby for 40% off coupons, so I’m sure it will turn up soon :). I am using our kitchen table as my crafting area and it is quite messy, but I’m creating, I can’t be neat too!My tree of life ornaments have been doing well on etsy and that has been keeping my busy with trips to the post office and for more supplies and it has been great!

I have been in the knitting mood and have been knitting my days away. I just finished this cute town and country capelet.
I used Epais yarn instead of homespun, partly because I loved the orange and green color combo and partly because it was a huge skein and there would be less weaving in. I also went up to size 13(US) needles to even get close to gauge. I did try the fringe, but I felt that it was too bulky (I thought that super fluffy fringe just below my ample bosom was extremely unflattering) and decided to leave it plain.

I had so much fun knitting that I decided to knit a cowl for my father in law for Christmas. I got the most luxurious 100% silk yarn and am progressing nicely. We had no idea what to get for him this year, so I am hoping that this will be perfect. It’s done in 4 X 4 ribbing and, as you can see, knit in the round.

I am also making several other gifts (salt dough ornaments, holiday pajamas, a special tree of life ornament, and possibly some aprons) and I’ll be sharing those soon!

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