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My instant cemetery has made the etsy Halloween gift guide, yay!!! There it is on the top left. This is the first time I have been in a gift guide, I’m so excited! I am currently frantically cutting these tombstones out, so far I have sold nine and have two reserved.

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My parents had a garage sale this weekend and when I stopped by to say hi I saw my old Spirograph and just had to have it.

Ah, the memories, I think this is where my love of colored pens comes from. Just thing of the color options of gel pens!!! This toy is well used, with some of the gears permanently ink stained from frequent use. It was fun to try out those well worn holes and remember sitting at the kitchen table for hours making tons of these things in red,blue, green and black.

I’m thinking a bracelet with shrinky dink Spirograph charms would be the perfect project or maybe just some simple note cards. If you have any good ideas, let me know, I’m not going to be satisfied until it wear the teeth off the gears.

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LANCERIKA has featured my Balinese Filigree Ornament in a treasury on Etsy called “Are you afraid of spirals or just hurricanes.” The treasury will be viewable until 7am Saturday the 6th., so please check it out here.

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I have a serious back log of pendants to sand! I have been trying to get 6 to 12 sanded a day to catch up. Here’s what I’ve done so far.

These are all mokume gane all nicely sanded and buffed, just waiting to be drilled. I am saving these for the fall craft shows I will be attending.

These are made from slices of automatically wrapped canes (bullseye canes). I really like the “retro” feel of these.

Here are the backs, I just used the leftover clay to make marbled sheets for the backs to make the pendants double sided.

And this is my masterpiece, a Balinese filigree ornament. I really enjoy this technique, although it is very time consuming. My crafting ADD kicks in and I just have to fill every gap! I have already started another ornament and I have several more pendants waiting to be baked.

I love polymer clay.

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