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Aviator Hat

August is almost over and exactly where have I been? I have been furiously cutting out instant cemeteries, knitting cupcakes, playing-I mean using my new camera, working, insert more excuses here…Anyway I saw this post on Craftster and decided to give the Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap pattern a second look. I had seen this pattern before and just wasn’t interested, but add some i-cord and tassels and I’m in! I use some vintage ’70’s acrylic variegated yarn and followed the instruction exactly, just adding the i-cord and tassels.

Here’s a side view, and yes this is my bathroom/photo studio. This pattern was easy to follow and knitting it flat made it super easy and it came out the perfect size.
The back seam even came out good and I like how the hat has an inverted V, it leaves a perfect spot for my ponytail.

I recommend this as a quick and satisfying project that uses less than a skein of yarn.

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I’ve been Tagged

I have officially been tagged by Lisa from Chimera Crochet!!!

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you

2. Post the rules on your blog (this is what you are now reading)

3. Write 6 random things about yourself (see below)

4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them (This is only a game)

5. Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog

6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up

Six Random Things About Me:

1. I like to go out into the middle of nowhere at night and watch for falling stars.

2. I am a hard core pack rat, my favorite things to hoard are crafting supplies (of course) and paper, like notes, lists, cards, and doodles.

3. Ultimately I would like to own a large, multi storied building and have the entire top floor as my studio, ooh and maybe a garden on the roof.

4. I like to take pictures of old abandon houses and cemeteries.

5. I like monkeys, squirrels, stars, and anything Halloween.

6. I would love to be covered in tattoos.

People I’m tagging:

1. Julie of http://www.julie-bird.com/

2. Christy of http://craftyconservative.blogspot.com/

3. Pam of http://passitonplatesblog.blogspot.com/

4. Kim of http://monacodesigns.blogspot.com/

I changed the rule a bit and only tagged four people, it seem as if everyone I wanted to tag seemed super busy with their own things and after all it is only a game!

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Here’s some of my new favorite things on etsy. I’ve been feeling halloweenie!

I could just spend all day browsing, there are just so many unique things available.

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I just purchased a set of shop banners and avatar set from studio71designs.

There are three banners: this one, an on vacation, and a is having a sale banner.

There are five avatars: this one, a plain one, one with a C, an away one, and a sale avatar. My old banner and avatar were a bit pixilated and fuzzy around the edges.

Also included with the package was a custom listing/reserved graphic, but I was able to get a “mature” graphic instead.
Jen(studio71designs) did a fabulous job and made everything exactly like I wanted with my choice of font and graphics to match my business cards. I will definately be using her services again!

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My instant cemetery, which was just listed a week ago, has sold, yay!!! It has been the most popular item in my shop and I knew it would go fast. I also have orders for two more. I am working on making a couple extras so I can list them in my shop.
Tomorrow I am going to my first LnkHandmade Team meeting, I’m very excited because they have chosen to critique my shop. I know that I need to fill in the “store policy” section, I am thinking about removing my store announcement, and I need to work on my profile page. I am really looking forward to meeting everybody in the group and brainstorming on ways to promote.

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