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I am a commercial pattern hoarder, I don’t know why, most of them have never been cut, anyway I am always buying new ones and storage is getting to be a bit of a problem. I guess in twenty years I’ll have a great vintage pattern collection. I bought some pattern storage boxes, but they were plain and uninteresting.

I’m not really the blue flower type, so I painted them white, I can’t have any of that pattern showing through. It took two coats of cheap acrylic craft paint, spray paint would also work, but it was a bit too cold for that.

I they started applying old pattern tissue with modge podge. I just randomly tore off pieces and slapped them on. I was careful to not add too many layers on the edges of the box.

After several layers of tissue I varnished the box and this is the finished box. Much better and it only took a few old patterns, I think this really improved them. It also made the boxes sturdier. I love modge podge.

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