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I had so much fun making my little goddess doll yesterday, I thought I would design a few in my sketchbook, just for fun.
For these I cut paper dolls out of black paper and uses a white gel pen for the designs, my favorite is the one on the right.

For these I used the other patterns from the site where I found the mini goddess pattern. Just some watercolor, sharpie markers and a fine tip pen. I like the green one the best. I would like to make more of these goddesses, maybe I’ll paint the next one.

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Tiny Beaded Goddess

I love goddess and fetish dolls and I found this great goddess pattern at Kivett-Studio. I made the body out of black felt(*tip* it’s easier to stuff it as you sew it up, example-sew one arm, stuff, sew the head, stuff, etc.). I have these great moon face beads that I like to use for my wish bottles and I thought it was the perfect face. I also could not resist giving her gigantic blue breasts, she is a fertility goddess after all.
I just started beading it randomly, I think that the next one I make I will plan out a little more. There are several different free patterns on this site and they all are simply shaped. There is also a gallery of work here and here.

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This book is visually stimulating with a wide variety of art dolls. I really liked that all of the dolls shown have the artists’ vision included with the description.

This book starts with a basic overview of tools, materials, and techniques and also includes a list of what your basic sewing kit should include. Ms. Le Van has created three “blank canvas” doll patterns(clarity, energy, and strength) with basic instructions. The blank dolls are there interpreted by four different doll artists using different styles and techniques. There are also instructions for twelve other original dolls. At the end of the book is a gallery of even more art dolls, patterns, and brief bios of contributors.

Projects of interest – Lois Simbach’s Hearts Desire Wish Doll(pages 108-109), Pamela Hastings Folk Art Dolls(pages 86-87), and the Author’s Strength Doll(pages 60-62). Inspiration – Dolls for sacrifice(page59), dolls for magic(page 71), and dolls for fertility(page 107).

I recommend this book for someone interested on making art dolls. It has enough basic information to get you started, however an experienced doll maker may find it less useful.

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Perry Mason Artisanal Charm Bracelet

Pattie Tierney Designs Shop

I adore Pattie Tierney’s jewelry. It’s so creative and original. The themes that she chooses are awesome! My favorite piece in her shop is this bracelet. She also has pirates, geishas, Harry Potter, William Shakespeare, Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, and may other interesting pieces. If you’re looking for something different this is the shop for you!

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I have been teaching myself to knit, it’s something that I do occasionally to relax, I often knit when I’m annoyed or irritated. I really wanted to use this pattern, but I didn’t have the yarn she used, so I started making adjustments, I’ll just cast on 40 instead of 32, surely that will make it fit.
This is my first try, the pattern looks fine(it’s my first time making stripes), but it’s to small and makes my arm look like a sausage. Okay, I’ll just start over.

Here we go. Now I’m casting on 52 stitches, it seems better so far. I’m now to the point where I’ll decrease for the wrist. I’m good at decreasing, it’s increasing that seems to be a problem. I’ll probably finish just in time for a hot July evening out.

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I’ve joined the bargain hunter round 4 swap on craftster and the partners were assigned today. I have been in all four rounds of this swap, it really stretches my creativity, it also encourages me to experiment and try new ideas.

Here’s a sample of what I’ve sent and received, you can also see the galleries Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3 click the view images only tab to leave out all the chatter.

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I really admire this journal. I have tried many times to make something along these lines, but after spending an evening making the pages I often forget to write every day. I thought I would start with a weekly one and work up to a monthly one.

I would like to make a set of stamps for events that reoccur like birthdays, working, etc. and definitely stickers, no one can have to many stickers.

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I want to expand my sparklicious bag collection. I would like to have several style of purses to offer, so to the sketchbook.
I’m working on the prototype for a larger bag and this is a sneak peak of the fabric I’m making it out of.

I’m just going to make the handles with this the bag body will be black.

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I have reached the vision that I had in my sketchbook. I still think that it needs a few things, a battery powered tea light, a vellum envelope with a tuft of fur, and a slide with his paw print. The process of creating this shrine has been difficult. The paper on the inside of the lid is a letter I wrote about my grief and guilt. It was very difficult to write, but it was also relieving to get it out.
The slide and envelope will go inside the lid and the tea light will go on the right inside the box.

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This book is written for the beginner. It covers basics like supplies, layout, blank book selection and customization. Each of the techniques that she speaks about is clearly illustrated in step by step instructions.

My favorite part of this book is all of the journal pages from various artists. I also enjoyed Illogical Illuminations(pages 30-32) and The Pillow book of Sei Shonagon(pages 100-101).

Overall I liked this book, however I recommend that you borrow this one from the library before purchasing.

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